Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pre-Party Fun!

I have to back up a bit. I was so excited to get pictures of Ethan's First Birthday on the blog that I have neglected all the fun days leading up to it. We can't have that, now can we? I'm all about documenting everything... especially life's blessings (notice all the posts about my boy!).... so let's go back a few weeks...

The week before Ethan's party, E and I met up with Daddy, Jen, and Emma at the park!
Ethan loved the baby swings...
(maybe a little too much in this picture!)

Daddy's here!

Loves those slides!

Emma's here!!

"What's she doing?"

The twisty slide!

"Come on Ethan! It's fun!!"


"Okay, Daddy will come with me..."

"This is so exciting!!"


"Terrible! This was a horrible idea!"

"Let's stick to the bottom part of the twisty slide"

Here's a boy sticking his head in the sand.

Swing time!

We ended our park visit with a dance from Emma... she's got great rhythm!


Some people house shop, window shop, church shop... we are currently gymnastics shopping... and at a great time too! Groupon has been offering discounted classes at several gyms in the Folsom area, so we will just have to try them all out! We are currently at Tumble Time in Cameron Park, simply because it's the closest gym to us. On a nice day, we could walk there! We just completed a month's worth of classes there and the week of his birthday, Daddy came too!

Climbing up to the slide


Walking on the Beam... no balance required with Mommy's help

Bouncing Baby Boy!

Daddy Helping into the Foam Pit

Rolling in "The Big Cheese"

"Miss Amy wanted me to hang onto the bar... I was having fun until..."

"...she let me go! Was this lady nuts? Even my buddy Emily (behind me) thinks this is a bad idea!"

"Imagine my shock when Daddy got in on it too!"

"Must seek love and security elsewhere"

The running trampoline. Mommy's gonna getcha!


Now it's time for Ethan to run on his own...

He walked with his shoulders up the whole way... not so sure about this wobbly ground!

Bubble time on the big tramp!

They're a hit!

"Miss Amy, if you turn me upside down, I will be forced to pull your hair out..."

"...and your pants are coming too..."

Gymnastics is physically challenging and an emotional roller coaster!
Also, it makes for nice long naps!!


The next day was Sacramento's Annual Museum Day (the one day of the year where 26 Sacramento museums have free admission!) We rounded up the Grandparents and visited the Sacramento Zoo and Fairytale Town!

Happy claps!

Back at the house for some BBQ dinner!

Too many cute pictures to pass up!
We hope you all have enjoyed the wonderful, warm month of February!
We LOVE California! :)

Sending Warm Blessings your way!