Friday, May 25, 2012

Burlap Monogram Wreath

Well... I got crafty again during nap time!

I would like to introduce you all to our latest decoration that is currently gracing the front door...

Our Burlap Monogram Wreath

I can't take credit for the master design behind it all.
Truth is, I got the basics done during a mom's group where Krafty Karyss (like the sound of that!) teaches us fun, cheap, and super cute crafts... all for about $5 per class (all inclusive).

As soon as we get a name for the group - which all are welcome to join! - I'll have to share that too... but for now, let's just say it's Karyss' Kraft Klass (wait... that would make a horrible acronym!)

Ummm... yeah.
Name to be announced soon 
(but seriously, we're working on naming the group... any ideas?)

During the class I wrapped a stickily looking wreath in burlap. Then cut strips of burlap, fanned and glued them onto the wreath base using hot glue (ouch! It's a holey project for sure ;)).
After that I only had time to make one burlap rose and the lacey flower.

Once I got home (and it was nap time), I created the sage and pottery barn roses.
*These were ribbons used to wrap gifts at my bridal shower! I love how sentimental this wreath is!*

The pink flower was made during another Karyss class and just clipped that one on too.

The Y was purchased at Joanns.

Done and done!

May oh My!

May oh my! We are over half way through the month and I haven't blogged once!

Slllooooowww down Mama Tiger!

May has been a terribly busy month for our family.
Today is Thursday, May 24th. 
Ethan is down for a nap, a load of laundry is in the wash... and therefore, I just found some time to reflect. :)

April went something like this:
Allie @ Girl's Getaway
Girl's Clothing Swap @ our place
Mark in Mexico for Casas Por Cristo


May is a little something like this:
Mark and Allie in New York
Mother's Day 
Family Vacation to Disneyland

That's where I got the May oh my! part of the title.

Busy busy.

Here are some photos of the end of April - present.

When Mark left to build a house in Mexico, E and I went south too.
To Stockton, that is :)

We stayed with "Gammas and Papas" and had a blast!
What happens at Grandma's house?

Prehistoric Bath Time

Sewing lessons for me!

When I was pregnant, I raided Old Navy's super clearance rack and found a bunch of over sized shirts to  make into maternity shirts.

I had already cut the tags and steam washed them all... so I couldn't return them.
No big! They're great for re-learning how to sew!

Here are my shirts...

Mama's Tai Iced Tea make a great late night snack and sewing companion

And done!

The one on the left is a size large, pre-maternity make-over
The one on the right is a size medium that I made belly friendly.

(They were so cheap I bought both sizes! 
Also, if I made a mistake on one size, I'd have another just like it!)

Ruched sides

My mom said, "It's so cute you could wear it now!"
Um... no Mom.
The dynamic doesn't change :D

Thanks for being my super teacher! 
I really lucked out when God gave me you as my Mommy :)

Also that weekend was the Asparagus Festival!

Our little man ran wild!
Grandpa went after him :)

Auntie Christina came with us!!

Back home, Ethan got to run around some more :)

He liked practicing golf with Grandpa
(a really good ball retriever)

He throws it up more than out :)

Dinner on the porch.

Now we'll transition into May

Mark and I try and take a vacation for just the two of us each year.
We have been very blessed to do so... grandparents make it possible!
This year, we went to New York.

It was wonderfully relaxing.
So relaxing, in fact, I didn't even bring a camera.
True story.

I did have my iPhone and so all my pics are from there.

We never set an alarm clock, so we typically woke up between 11-noon (8-9am PST).
{setting us back helped us stay away for the Broadway shows... yeah, we're old!}

We'd been before to see most of the main attractions, so we weren't in a hurry to stand in line for the Statue of Liberty, etc.

Most days we strolled Central Park to people watch and grab these kinds of snacks:

Nothing like uninterrupted conversation!
Missed our little guy, but enjoyed our time together.

We visited the underground Apple store.

Bought a 37 cent candy for Mark to sample at Godiva.

We visited St. Patrick's Cathedral
(formally Maywin Socket... as we learned in Veggietales)

Rockefeller Love

Dwight bobble head @ NBC Studios

Disney Store

Times Square

Date night every night with this handsome man.

Grand Central Station

"Best Burger in NYC"

Freedom Towers

Falls in memory of 9-11

I voted.

Wall Street.

Mexican on Cinco de Mayo!!

That little margarita in my hand was SO good I ordered another one.

Mark had to finish the rest.
Drink packed a punch I sooo didn't see comin'!

Ahhhh Dunkin'. I had coffee from here every. single. day.
It was fabulous!

The big, traditional, touristy place we visited...

Views from up top...

We had to hold hands walking through this place... it was a HOT mess!

One of our favorite things to do is Fondue together.
One day we're going to Switzerland... until then, we'll look for it where we can find it :)

We found it at the Big Apple.
Fondue and martinis...

Finally! Wicked!!
LOVED every minute of it :)

We spent a day walking up and down Madison and 5th Avenue.

We visited fancy jewelry stores (like Harry Winston!!) and tried on rocks that cost as much as a house!
Then we would stop by fancy chocolate shops (like Lindt, Godiva, etc.) and take their free samples.

Cheap thrills, cheap thrills!

Mark made friends with a door man. 
I had to smile to myself... love him.

Mark was genuinely concerned for these bikes.
"Oh no!" he said from across the street.
Closer investigation confirmed that, yes, they were victim to a game of Dominos.

We visited the famous Magnolia Bakery
(checked this off the bucket list!)

Paired perfectly with my Dunkin' Coffee.

Date Night: Japanese

Broadway: Newsies

Last night!

We ended with sodas and ice cream from Mickie D's at a bistro table...
best view of the lights.

Airport back. Last Dunkin... this time, I got donuts to compliment.

Back to this little monkey...
Larry Boy!

In coming home, we took Ethan out for Ice Cream at Leatherbys!
A childhood favorite you never grow out of...

He's started riding along the sides of our grocery carts.

Getting wet washing cars with Daddy...

Annnnd quickly got bored of that.
Played at his water table for a bit longer...

Yet still, one his favorite things to do is climb inside our cars and "drive".

Ethan was very helpful in handing Daddy tools and a snack while working on the truck...
"Here go Daddy"

Might have been better if he actually left some snack for Daddy...

Mother's Day:

We spent Saturday with Mark's side and Sunday with mine (next year we'll flip)

On Saturday, Mark's parents came over for lunch and walked around the EDH Town Center for an Art and Wine Festival

We had lunch at Pete's 
Ethan could not get enough of the strawberry lemonade (he rarely came up for air)!

Later that day Jeremy, Katie, and the kids came over for dinner.
Ethan loves his cousins.
In fact, he even cried a little bit the next day when they weren't around anymore.

Here are the crazy cute kiddos having some ice cream

And these are the reactions I got when I pointed the camera at each kid:







Wouldn't trade them for anything!

My favorite gifts I got for Mother's Day were my cards from my boys.

Ethan made a card with his "teachers" during my women's bible study.
Ethan was asked to complete the sentence, "Mommy, I love you so much because..."

This may sound random or like he didn't even answer the question correctly, but to me, it was the BEST answer he could give.

It is a lot of work staying home with my little man, and some days I truly think it would be easier having a full time job (other than this one). Yes, in my case that would probably mean watching 30+ kids in a classroom.

But even after super challenging days I still can't imagine giving up my time with Ethan to someone else. Having another raise him just doesn't sit right with me.
There is nothing I love more than Ethan and to give him my time, everyday, is an honor and a blessing.

It warmed my heart beyond belief when I read this and it really did confirm to me that I'm exactly where I should be. His heart is full and therefore mine is too :)

Mark got me these

... and a card that read this

The funny thing is that I didn't even read the front of the card and just started ripping from behind.
I saw this after the fact. 
Otherwise, I would have passed it off to another woman!

All four sides had a sentence that was too sweet...

And this was my Mother's Day gift to myself!

I hired a sitter for a day, drove thru Starbucks, spent hours walking up and down the aisles of Green Acres, drove home and started planting!

In these barrels I planed basil, sage, pineapple mint, chocolate mint, oregano, and the parsley kept from last year!

In these barrels I have Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes and a Stevia Plant 
(yup! The same natural sweetener you put in coffee, tea, etc.)

This year I planted less variety and more of the things I liked.

Cucumbers, string beans, zucchini, red bell pepper, cilantro, yellow cherry tomatoes, and baby watermelon!

In the front, I freshened up the porch flowers

Mark hooked up a water fountain 


The hydrangeas are coming back!

Update on the berries: they're-a-growing!

Blueberry bush

Blackberries and Boysenberries


Here are some pictures of 3 very cute toddlers off for a play date at the park while the adults had a bible study.

I couldn't get them to get excited about taking a picture (weird)... maybe because I was standing in-between them and the park?

Disney Bound!
The rest of my pics are from our Family Vacation to Happy Land :)

This will be the last time we use our annual passes since they expire on the 4th of July!

Silly boy eating dinner.
We had just arrived on Saturday and grabbed a bite to eat before seeing the fireworks!


That night we saw the fireworks and rode on "pirate boats" in the Pirates of the Caribbean.
He. Loved. It.
He woke up the next morning saying, "Fireworks. All gone. Pirates... so fun!"

Sunday, first full day at the park!

A silent video of us on Dumbo
(my iPhone is failing me!)

Jungle Cruise/More "Pirate Boats"

During the heat of the day (Eh... low 80's at most) we headed back to the hotel for lunch and a swim.
Ethan helping Daddy bring our bag to the pool

I don't think I could take a picture of him in the water without him smiling :)

Here's a video clip of Ethan singing "Diesel" in the pool (Thomas and Friends Train) and screaming before happily jumping in...

Nachos and grilled cheese for lunch!

I told Ethan to go "cheek to cheek with Daddy for a picture".
This is what he did

Ethan never napped in the room, so we kept going.
He did nap in the stroller, however, and when he'd wake up, he wanted to be held.

Me and my big baby boy :)

At dinner with the Monkey :)

Sweet snuggles in between tickles

Dessert! It was quite a spread!

Made out of chocolate :P

If we could only get him to voluntarily open this wide when we brush his teeth!

Yummy chocolate!

Post Dinner Daddy Time

Carousel time!

Piggy back rides are a good time to sneak a hug :)

World of Color Show!

As soon as we got home, Ethan passed out on Daddy

I woke up to a morning kiss from my sweetest little boy!
Well, I woke up to a little face looking at me, searching for my lips. Then, smack!
{a major consolation to getting kicked in the back and sides multiple times during the night}

Back to Disneyland... Buzz Light Year Ride!

Fun toys to play with at the shop



Small World

An attempted Family Picture

Water Break!

Back to the hotel for more swimming!

...and therefore, more smiles!

This time Ethan attracted some friends.
Ladies to be exact.

Gotta love little babysitters in training!

Took another nap in the stroller and woke up snuggly.

Tried to capture Ethan standing up in his stroller.
Instead, I'm far more distracted by the ghost that must have followed Mark home from the Haunted Mansion... ;)

Back at the hotel, a tickle attack took place...

Tuesday, we packed up and drove home.
Another successful Young Family Adventure!

Lots to see, swim, and do!
Enough to tucker this little man out...

And that, my friends, is... Oh My! Our month of May.
So far...