Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas on Sutter Street, Special Delivery, and Ethan's New Tricks

We don't technically live in Folsom, but I still consider it part of our community. Mark's practice is in Folsom, our church is in Folsom, most of our friends are in Folsom... why didn't we find a house in Folsom?

In any case, I really wanted to walk around Folsom's Historic District - mainly Sutter Street - and check out how they dress up for Christmas. I've seen advertisements of their outdoor ice skating rink and I can never get too much of Snook's homemade... anything!

Here are some pictures of what we saw...

The girl in the pink jacket was showing off some pretty fancy moves!

Our little cutie was absolutely peaceful during his stroller ride... which made the walk extremely enjoyable for his Daddy and me :)! The next 3 pictures captured him quite well on our walk.

We entered a shop that was filled with Christmas Ornaments!

Dripping with garland!

Themed trees! This one must have been for teenage girls...

Mark pointed out an ornament that read "Texting Queen" and said, "I hope our daughter never gets this!"
What daughter?

Gung Hay Fat Choy!
Happy Chinese New Year!!

Old buildings... or should I say, Charming Buildings. We found that in Boston (especially when apartment hunting) they liked to call old, charming.
Sounds better, doesn't it?

We have arrived!

Home made : P

Why does The Biggest Loser pop into my head at this time?


Antique Shopping... more like browsing :)

The ice rink at sunset

Special Delivery!
We finally got around to baking some goodies and dropping them off to our neighbors!
I wanted to do this when we first moved in, but a week after we moved, I had a baby!
(wouldn't recommend this, by the way!)
Now that he's 10 months old... it's time! And it's Christmas!! All the more reason to spread the love :)

Here are pictures of the goodies I gave.
I made rice krispie treats, put plastic wrap over them on a paper plate, wrapped 'em with a bow, slipped our Christmas card under, and put a chocolate mint candy cane "heart" to top to it off!

And finally... here is Ethan... up to some new tricks! Including...

The discovery of opening cabinets!
Even though Ethan has been mobile for some time, he just recently figured out that he too can open cabinets!
Darn!! Time to buy those ridiculously annoying child proof items!
Any suggestions on which ones are least annoying?

Here he goes...

"What?! You've never seen a drooling baby open cabinets before?"

"Try and keep up..."

The one-handed bottle routine...

"Gets 'em every time!"

And his very latest... "power walking" with his walker. He doesn't like to walk really... just run!


Until next time! :)

The Young Family