Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cause We Need a Little Christmas, Right This Very Minute...

Giddy. That is exactly the word I would use to describe myself the minute I turned on my Glee Christmas CD and started Christmas. Sugar plums were on my toes as I danced straight through the first 2 tracks. Yup, I Gleeked out! My husband walked in on me mid-booty shake with a huge smile on his face. No surprise to him...

It's Christmas!!! I'm so excited this year because we get to celebrate in our new home for the first time - with our new baby as new parents... lots of firsts! I love to decorate and find that I have very little time these days to do it. Luckily, my little man was with his Grandma and Grandpa Wager while we put up our tree, outdoor lights, and... cranked up the music!

Cue track 1... "Cause we need a little Christmas... right this very minute..."

Here are some pictures of how we decked the halls!

Fresh Flowers!
They make me happy year round, really.
These were two "garden bunches" from Costco that I mixed together.
I love how striking and full the white hydrangeas are against the red berries and greenery.
This bouquet will be fabulous dried too!
The vase is $3.99 from World Market (love it!)

I'm usually not a fan of chunky-looking crystal or crystal anything for that matter, but the votive candle holders looked like fancy snow flakes to me... so I gave it a shot! (Michael's)
Snow flake candle sticks from Michaels.
Table runner from Crate & Barrel (years ago! I think we still lived in Boston when I purchased it but never opened it... Merry Christmas, Allie!)

I made this flower arrangement from goods I gathered at Michael's.
(So I went a little crazy on Black Friday sales...)
I wanted a shorter arrangement with more muted colors...

Here's the other flower arrangement that I made. The stick/twig candles are battery operated and I've used them since Halloween/Fall.

This greenery is left over from the Costco garden bunches.
My sweet baby boy in the 4x4 picture frame (Michael's)
Yankee Candle from Ross... these things last forever! 
(and they should for what they charge... Ross has them for at least half off the retail cost) 
"Floating Ornaments" from Dollar Tree (I already had the vases)

Michael', Costco, and Target were my stores this year.
The wreath over the fireplace is from Costco.
Garland was a hand-me-down from my Mama

This fun metal gift garland works well to hold Christmas Cards and displays them nicely
Stockings and stocking hangers from Target.

Mark's team, the Patriots, are playing on the big screen, but the focus here is supposed to be the BELIEVE letter above from Costco.

Costco Angels on the Kitchen Island
Joy platter from my Mama-in-law :)

Coffee station!
More Dollar Tree ornaments, Jingle Bells, and a Candle from Michael's.

Oh, and Holiday Specialty coffee. Mmmmmm!

Picture frame in the back from last year's After Christmas Sale :)

Kissing ball from our first Christmas

I nabbed this at the Harvest Festival. I fell in love with it! This picture doesn't do it justice!
It's made out of wood shavings (like pencil shavings), died red, with sparkling pine cones.

Childhood memories.
Old sheet music for the piano.

More ornaments and vases!
(cheap filler)

Nativity Scene from Costco.
The star of the season!

Garland along the staircase (Costco).
My mom did this for me... she is a pro!
I'm so grateful for her!!

In decorating our house for Christmas, I am reminded of how empty our walls still are...
filling a house with decorations takes longer than I thought!

Outdoor wreath (Costco)
Monogram Jingle Y (Michael's)

My home made door jingle.

My handsome Hubby putting up the lights!

Ooohh the lights. Another story for another time. Actually no. It's short.
We don't like them.
The new LED's are just too shocking for us at this time. We're used to traditional - not so neon - Christmas Lights. After he put them up and we saw them on the house at night, we decided to take them off and put up icicles.
To be continued...

Oh Christmas Tree
(this is the night of Sugar Plum Dancing to Glee)

Testing out all our lights...

Winding up the tree...

Final touches...

Let there be ______ !

And some ribbon :)

Michael's Ribbon

Ornaments were from Sam's Club and Target

Another Jingle Y

Ta Da!
Our Tree in Day Light

And at night


I also decided to light up our other topiaries in the house.
Why not?

Advent wreath
Happy Advent Season!!!

Staircase at night

Having fun!

Another Yankee Candle from Ross...
Santa Bust from Costco
Old vases turned holiday decor

And... compliments of my Mom... a holiday Starbucks insulated cup.
Diet Coke never tasted better (oh yes, I've converted to Diet Coke by the way...)

So that's Christmas at the Young House!
On another note... the little man is 10 months old!
I've started introducing more "adult like" food into his diet including...

French toast fingers:
Wheat Bread cut into strips
Egg mixed with formula (Mmmm)
Cinnamon, Nutmeg, dash of Vanilla

He LOVES to feed himself

My messy, independent boy

Grandma and Grandpa Young came over for dinner.
This is our 2nd Annual "Kick-Off to Christmas Dinner".
Ethan had a blast dancing to Christmas music with his Grandpa

We had a fabulous BBQ Steak dinner in spite of the rain, and for dessert, I whipped up this mega cupcake!
I hollowed out the middle and added cool whip to imitate the Hostess Cupcakes.

Cool whip and chocolate chips on top!

It was delicious!

Unfortunately this was the last picture of the night as the battery.... you'll never guess.... died.
This is a bad habit!
So you'll have to take my word for it... it was pretty delish!

Here is a picture I took once we cut into it with my iphone:

Merry Christmas to everyone!
I hope you all find time this Christmas Season to slow down and enjoy your family and friends...
they are what makes this time so warm and cozy!
Also don't forget to tell Jesus HAPPY BIRTHDAY and remember that He is the very best gift of all!

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  1. Your house looks AMAZING!!! I love all your pretty decorations, especially the fat tree and the gorgeous staircase!