Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Few of Our Favorite Things 30th Birthday Party

Now that's it's almost 2013, I thought I'd better get to posting Fall - Christmas (can you guess what one of my New Years Resolutions will be?)... On October 1st, Mark turned 30! I turn 30 on January 16th... since we share everything anyway, why not a 30th Birthday Bash?

So... a dual 30th Birthday it was!

The Theme: Dirty Thirty A Few of Our Favorite Things
The Place: Our Home
The People: Family & Friends. Our Favorites ;)

Check out some pictures of the party... they explain better than words!

Favorite: Sweets! Mark and I have a serious sweet tooth (or is it sweet teeth?)
We ordered an absurd number of mini cupcakes from Icing on the Cupcake because they simply have mouth watering Red Velvet (another shared fav of ours). To keep it interesting, we ordered other yummy flavors like funfetti, pinkalicious, snickerdoodle, snowball, etc.

Nothing goes better with cupcakes than Leatherby's Ice Cream.
A favorite of Mark's growing up.
I've come around too ;)

Our Sundae Scooper, Eryn and her Mama, Tari
A few of our favorite organizations that we support are:

Twin Lakes Food Bank in Folsom
World Vision
Casas Por Cristo
Union Gospel Mission Sacramento

Instead of asking for presents, we asked our favorite people to bring canned goods instead!

My sweet friend, Tari, is a World Vision Ambassador.
She set up a table in our hopes that someone might want to sponsor a child!

We also collected money for Casas Por Cristo to help build homes in Mexico.

Our dinner was catered by my brother's catering company, J. Legend Catering Co.
We had street tacos because Mexican is a favorite of ours... especially authentic street tacos... like the ones Mark has on his trips with Casas...

These 2 cute girls are our neighbors. 
They ran the Soda Tasting booth (family friendly = all could participate!) 
There were 4 "sodas" to choose from. After tasting each, guests wrote down their guesses along with their "tasty rating". 
The sodas were revealed at the end of the night!

The choices were RC Cola, Pepsi, Coke, and Coke Zero.
The favorite was Pepsi :)

Another favorite of ours in Disney. 
Disneyland, yes, but Disneyworld? The absolute favorite!
We shared this favorite by having a Disney Bouncy House!
Because of this, we hardly saw our very favorite person... our son, Ethan.

We all got in on the fun! Kids and kids at heart :)
Another favorite - that was tucked away in our garage (that no one really saw!) - was Travel.
We shared this favorite by having target practice using bow and arrows (with suction tips)... 
the idea was the same as throwing a dart on a map and that's where you'll travel next.
We figured suction cups would do less damage than darts ;)

We also had two maps (shown directly below) with red push pins of all the places we've traveled and lived. 

Pictures of our 30 years...

And a photo booth... of the people we love!

Family and Friends... easy to confuse the two... now that's Blessed :D

Thank you to our friends and family for celebrating a special milestone in our journey.
We love you all and thank God for the love he has gifted us in you.
A very happy birthday it was!