Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Thankful November {2013}

Yeah yeah… I know. But I'm back… and I'm going to finish 2013 if it takes all of 2014 to do it!

…. or not.

I just can't forget the reason why I blog to begin with: 
To have a grateful heart for where God has me and my family.

Also! to freeze time... best I know how: Pictures and journaling.

And juuuust in case there is a great disaster and all our things are destroyed, I'll still have these precious memories to fall back on.

Internet: Don't die on me.


November is a time of thanks and thanksgiving. I like to practice having a thankful heart always.
Some days, it's truly a mindful practice while others, a natural heart posture.

"Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."
- 1 Thessalonians 5:18

This year, Ethan was thankful for many things and we documented this by creating a Thankful Tree.
He did the water coloring and I did the dictating (no editing… another practice of mine!)

My favorites of his were:
* Humans (and mermaids)
* Cookies and Steak
*Andrew and our cousins

He's pretty rockstar rollin' with his cuzzos... eating cookies and steak ;)

November Decorations Around the House

Here are some pics of E with his cousins and the rest of the Young family Thanksgiving 2013.

Oh! And it was on this day that he tasted his first orange soda.
BAM! A new leaf on Ethan's Thankful Tree.

Mark's Mom actually had us do a Thankful Tree this year at her house.
We each wrote what we were thankful for on a leaf.

I can't remember exactly what Ethan wrote… I think it was "Apples"
Mark wrote, "My Family"
I wrote, "God's Faithfulness"

Here's a visual of that faithfulness:

Grandma & Grandpa Young also did something very different this year.
They had the grandkids perform a play about the history of Thanksgiving.

Can you tell there is a history buff/teacher in the house?

Grandma Young always has something fun and educational for our kids.
I'm super thankful for her and what she does for our family!

Here are some pics of the play!

Our little Squanto… I mean, "Cocoum"...

I can now honestly say that I better understand the usefulness of the stage hook.
The main "actor's" age averaged 4-years-old (or so) and the silliness got a bit out of control at times.

They sure were cute though and I loved the ending ballad of "Thank You Jesus" with all 5 of them holding hands.

Some family snaps
(Ethan's forced smile stage has arrived!)

This is (sadly) the best picture we have with the Grandparents...

… and this is a more accurate picture of our little photo shoot!

Trinity having some fun with her littlest cousin.
T's thankful leaf said, "For Grace's Headbands" by the way ;)

Time with Grace's namesake… Auntie Christie (Elizabeth)

Jammie Time!
Our Little Turkey and Beautiful Butterball :P

Other noteworthy events in November:

I got deathly sick within a 24 hour period the day before Thanksgiving.
My parents came to my rescue despite hosting a feast at their place the next day! 
My wonderful, merciful Dad drove out to pick up the kids and kept them until Mark could pick them up after work.

I will never be able to express the thankful heart I have for my parents in words or actions.
Their love for me and my family is a cup overflowing.
Thank you Mom.
Thank you Daddy.

Additional faith in humanity was restored on this awful day as a woman who was buying 3 chairs from us on craigslist brought me tea and bread after she saw that I was terribly sick.

Care Package + Well Wishes = Thankful Heart (also, breakfast for Ethan).

Grandma and Grandpa Young came over one night in November to watch Grace so that Mark and I could take Ethan to see his very first play, Peter Pan!

Noodle Night, Live Play, and Ice Cream.
He loved it!

2 random pics:
Ethan incognito drinking juice.
Grace's squish preventing her zipper from going up all the way.

I was able to go to the Harvest Festival with my Mom, 2 Aunties and Gracie. 
Here is a pic of Grace with Auntie JoJo after we shopped!


I escaped everyone in my house for a quiet meal alone and some Brene Brown.

I'm on a mission to read all her books!

Also newsworthy...
Mark performed a root canal treatment on himself.

Yup, it actually happened.

 Finally, we took pictures for Christmas Cards.

Thank you Annie @ His Grace Photography for capturing us at the end of 2013!

Thankful for our Grace Elizabeth

Thankful for both our beautiful, joyful, and sweet kids.
Especially grateful for the love they have for each other which is possibly my greatest joy to watch.

Thankful to have my best friend to journey through this crazy life together.
We have faced great challenges but have been richly blessed because… God.

Thankful He set Mark a part from the rest for me.
Thankful He is the Krazy Glue to this Crazy Girl and all my brokenness.
Above all, thankful for His grace and faithfulness.

I see it and I'm reminded of it every time I look at our family.