Friday, June 15, 2012

A Love Stitched Baby Shower

Karyss is having a baby!

Baby Bollen #2 is a girl and we couldn't be more thrilled to meet sweet little Scarlett soon... very soon... like 10 days soon!!

Several of us girls put our trained {thanks to Karyss} crafty brains together and threw a shower.
I am happy to report that it was love at first sight!
Upon seeing it all, Karyss said, "This is my dream shower!"

Way to go, girls! Mission accomplished! :)

I must admit that this was the easiest shower I ever helped put on because there were so many girls wanting to pitch in and help.

{Feel the love, Karyss!}

My "job" was to provide the house.
Other than that, we divided up all the duties:
Diaper Cakes

We had one work party to help with decor and favors, but other than that, the rest "magically" fell into place (and by magic, I mean Mindy... ;P... she was the mastermind behind the details).

Here are pictures of our Collaborative Shower for Karyss:

Beautiful Mommy

The Spread...
Lots of fun details!

Friends, Food, Fun, and Gifts!

Sweets and Girlie Treats

Home made sugar scrub in baby food jars.
Elizabeth... you did good, girl!

And... because this is my blog and I am incredibly biased... and I have your attention...

I'd like to show you 2 amazingly cute kids (and one hot hubby!)

To the left you will see one cute (but very sad) kid, Ethan, waiting for the 2nd cute kiddo, Emma, to arrive to the shower.

He was terribly disappointed when each guest arrived and it wasn't his buddy, Emma.
So sad, in fact, he would run to the couch and cry.
It did make Mark and I laugh pretty hard (is that mean?)

When Emma finally arrived, Ethan was very happy!
Daddy took E&E out to get Happy Meals at McDonalds and then a field trip to Target while the Mommys got to enjoy the shower.

*Emma's super cute dress was a gift from Krafty Karyss (still like the way that flows) for her 3rd birthday*