Friday, March 2, 2012

Love Stitched @ Lakeside

Lakeside has a new Crafty Lady in it's pews (stick around for more lame jokes!) who is using her gifts to bring women together in our place of worship...
and her name is Karyss Bollen.
(Speaking of worship, her hubby is our new Worship Leader!)

She came to Moms at Lakeside as a speaker and shared her story with the rest of us, Mamas.
Her willingness to be open and vulnerable (to a brand new room of ladies she barely knew, if never met!) was humbling, encouraging, inspiring, and heartfelt.
She had almost every girl in tears!

Part of her story includes her giftedness for crafts... she's a real deal seller on ETSY!
Her shop is called Love Stitched Boutique and you should check her out!
(Love is her maiden name... told 'ya she was crafty!)

After she spoke, we got her to do a jewelry making class!
Child care + Crafts + Girl Time + Coffee + Amity's Chocolate Banana Bread = Heaven on Earth!

"Thy Kingdom Come on Earth As it is in Heaven"

Girlfriend is a Kingdom Worker! 
Heaven sent for sure!!
(At the very least, a breath of fresh air for us Stay @ Home Mamas! - especially on a rainy day)

Here are some pictures of our First (*hint*hint*) Jewelry Making Lesson with Karyss...

Words of Jewelry Wisdom from Super-Cute-Preggo, Karyss

You are about to see some very happy ladies...

A blessing for sure :)

These were the samples of projects we got to choose from to make

Our bead selection...

More instruction/"help"

Here's my ribbon bracelet after lots of guidance ;)
(the feeling of accomplishment is HUGE)

We're looking forward to Lesson #2!
Thanks for sharing your gifts, K!
I really felt the love... and appreciated your patience!! :)


And now for some pictures of 2 Cute Kiddos... who also happen to be 2.
Ollie (Karyss' boy) and Ethan (my guy) after the Jewelry Sesh.

They're going on a road trip...

"Let's get outta here!" - Ollie
"I know where the goods are..." - Ethan

Translation to Moms...
"We're up to no good!"

(This whole conversation was Mommy narrated based on cute, toddler actions)

... and wouldn't ya know it!

See... we all had fun! :)
It really was a win-win for all!


  1. Yayyy thanks for taking great pictures and documenting this day :) And also thanks for posting the sample picture. I told my husband "See? That's what mine was supposed to look like!" LOL!

    1. Hah! That's hilarious!! I totally know what you mean! :) Do you remember my "This should be so easy... like connect the dots! What am I doing wrong?" statement? Yeah, I was having issues of my own! :)

      No problem, I had a blast snapping pics! :D

      See you soon!

  2. Allie, you are just the sweetest ever!!!! This post was so encouraging and special! Thank you for taking the time to post this. You truly are such a blessing to so many people and I am so thankful to have you in my life!