Friday, March 2, 2012

Swim, Baby, Swim!

Well, we cashed in on another Groupon Coupon!

Sometime in 2011, I purchased 4 (indoor) swim lessons for $35 (a $75 value... yippee!)
Seeing how the boy loves water and I love indoor activities in the Winter, we gave it a try.

There were 2 lessons offered for him.
One was a "Mommy and Me" toddler class.
The purpose of the class is to get the babies comfortable with the water, teach them to blow bubbles, kick, etc.

I knew E already could do those things and comfort with the water is not an issue... so we tried the next class up - hoping he'd learn something new - which leaves your toddler with the instructor in a group lesson (no parent participation).

This is where we went wrong.

Unless you are "Mamas", "Daddys", "Gammas", or "Papas"... you're not touchin' the child.

We have some pictures that illustrate this:

Ethan on the steps at the beginning of the lesson with a buddy.

Playing with toys to entice them in the water
(we had to hold him back, sobbing, until it was time for his lesson... 
Note taken: arrive exactly on time for the lesson)

Off they go to the "island"

Nope. Uh-Uh. Not happening...
"Mamas! Daddy's! Mama-Daddys!!"

Plan B, Mark changes into his suit and gets in the water...

Happy Boy!

Ooooooo was he happy!

A big step in this class would be to get the kids to jump off the island.
Ethan was all over that mission... as long as Daddy was doing the catchin'!

The other friend in the class wasn't so sure...
I think her hair stayed dry the whole lesson.

The instructor tried to take turns.
Sorry teach.

He did everything they were supposed to learn... with Daddy.
Ethan practiced his kicks...

On his tummy and back...

(You can't help but smile and shake your head when you see and hear just how happy he is...)

Mark started to let go of one hand and see if he would float...

We have a buoyant boy!

More "one handed kicks"

"Hi Mama!"

When Mark was little... maybe 4 or 5... he swam on a swim team and adopted the name, "Mark the Shark"
Maybe we named E right...
Ethan Mark (the Shark)
Like fishie, like tadpole...
(and might I say, they are quite handsome fishies?!)

We are changing his classes to the "Mommy and Me" class.
(They made an exception and allowed Mark in the water this time...)
There won't be any lessons otherwise!

Even though the idea of the "Mommy and Me Class" is to get the kids comfortable and practice basic techniques, it's enough for us if he has a blast for 30 minutes! 
And gets his water fix.

So... Swim, Baby, Swim!!!

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