Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Easter Egg-spectations!

Easter is right around the corner. The Young Family is celebrating this Lenten Season with Great Expectations! And by great, I mean many!!

To start, we are awaiting the great celebration of Jesus' resurrection.

What does that look like?

I looks like decorations of New Life in our home... Eggs, Flowers, Butterflies, etc.

It looks like praise and worship, because Jesus is who He says He is.

It looks like spending time in the Word... preparing our hearts...

It looks like fasting Facebook (Allie) and all Soda (Mark) to focus our minds, hearts, and bodies on Jesus, the Lamb of God who was the ultimate sacrifice.

Great Expectations. Great Anticipation.

Ethan is starting to get it, too. Today while I was at my women's bible study (and Ethan was in Little Steps)... he left saying, "Jesus... Alive!" "Jesus... high in the sky!" "Jesus... fly in the sky!"

(translation: "Jesus is alive! He ascended into heaven")

AWESOME!!!! Praise Jesus for a fruitful Tuesday for us both!!

(Also... too cute.... today when I dropped him off with the other kids, Ethan ran into the room saying, "Bye Mamas!" then he stopped, thought about it, turned around and said, "I wove you" and then blew me kisses. Are you kidding me?! My heart exploded right then and there. Sweetest boy!!)

Anyway, here is what our house is looking like in preparation of Easter:

Our free Easter Egg Banner
{compliments of Home Depot's paint sample cards}

Benjamin's Box is an interactive book that explains Easter to kids... can't wait to share this with Ethan :)

Trader Joe's fresh flowers... Dollar Tree Easter Eggs

A Resurrection Visual :)
Even my green onions came back from the dead!
Via Pintrest, I got the idea to re-grow them... and it worked!!

My tulips, however, are taking their sweet time...

Outside I planted a whole lotta bulbs in our veggie garden and wine barrels.
Until I plant veggies, I thought I'd have my own flower garden!!
Fresh cut flowers from the yard :)

{Our parsley will need to be tamed}

And our final, great expectation...


  1. congrats, mark and allie (and ethan!) what wonderful news!

  2. Thanks girls! We are very excited! :)

  3. Yayayayayayay!!! Another cutie on the way!! Congratulations!

  4. So thrilled about this new baby for your family! 2012 is going to be filled with new babies!