Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter in an Egg Shell

Easter was beautiful this year!

A perfect 70 degrees to compliment everyone's bright and shiny faces!
And why wouldn't they be smiling?

It was Resurrection Sunday!

As Ethan has started saying, "Jesus is Alive!"
(with much enthusiasm)

We started the day with Ethan's Easter Basket.
It was filled with:

A cardboard book of The Parable of the Lily
2 Veggietales DVD's (including E's current favorite, Robin Good)
A Pinwheel that lights up
Fruit Leather
and the Lindtt Chocolate Chicks Ethan helped himself to at Home Good's check out stand
(darn those impulse candies!)

He was a happy boy!

We headed to the 11am service and had a glorious time of worship!
My brother, Ryan, met us there... which was perfect!
There's nothing like praising God with family and friends!

We then headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Young's!
Auntie Christie drove up from Los Angeles and we met her new boyfriend, Joe.
{We approve ;).}

After a BBQ lunch, the kids got to go on an Egg Hunt!

The eggs were filled with one gummy bear each.
Ethan had to open each one as he went to stuff his mouth.
Didn't work out, however, as he just ended up chewing the bears and spitting them out.
Candy just isn't his thing yet (cookies, cakes, and popsicles/ice cream... of course!)

Ethan and Cousins Andrew, Hannah, and Titus take off!!

After the hunt, we put E down for a nap and the 3 cuzzos got to open their Easter Baskets!

The Young Family at Play

We played a Boys vs. Girls game... Jelly Belly Taste Test (no Bertie Botts here, thankfully!)
The girls named 5/7 correct, beating the boys by 1 point! Woo Hoo! 

Plenty of Ping Pong matches and some fancy B-Ball spins too...

The kids all jumped in the spa!
Ethan didn't have a swim diaper or shorts... so he went all nat-ur-al ;)

"Uncle Marky" got in on the fun too! (with shorts!!!)

(Sweetest girl Hannah is SO good with E! She helped him "swim"... SO precious!)

We ended the day with a fantastic ham dinner (including Mom's famous potato salad).
We concluded the feast with Mom's famous banana cream pie!
(Mark was a happy boy!)

Church + Easter Basket + "Jesus is Alive!" + Easter Egg Hunt + Family + Food = A wonderful Easter indeed!

And now for some Facebook... ;)

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