Monday, September 27, 2010

Grandpa Turns 96 and the Sun is Jealous...

96 years ago, Edwin Walter Wager was born. He married a beautiful girl named Esther (powerful name, powerful woman!) and they raised 4 children: Julie, Shirley, Walter, and Carrie. 3/4 of Ed's children were in attendance as well as 2 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.

Here are 4 generations on one couch:
My Dad, Edwin Walter Wager, Jr. - Me - Ethan - and the Guest of Honor himself, Grandpa.

Birthdays are always a good excuse to spend time with loved ones and after 96 celebrations, this man is truly loved.

Growing up I have memories of taking walks with Grandpa, his dog Ginger, and my brother on the levy by the University of the Pacific. My grandpa loves geology and used to make jewelry out of rocks, crystals, etc. While on our walks, he would pick up a stone and tell us about it. Still looking at a filthy rock, I was uninterested and frankly more taken by his big hands that were lined with dirty cracks. Grandpa was a working man! Then he would lick his finger and brush the stone. Instantly the stone was smoother, shinier, and more precious!  These were stones I would have kicked around or more likely, just stepped on or over because they were nothing special... at first glance. Grandpa saw more. He saw more than broken, dirty pieces. He saw beauty and value.

Grandpa isn't just this way with rocks, he's like this with people. Always smiling, welcoming, and non-judgemental, Grandpa finds the best in others and really has a gift for providing the opportunity to allow people to value themselves. In his own quiet strength, he gives so much love and acceptance. He bears so much fruit in this way and we are blessed to be his family and doubly blessed to still have him around!

If you have more stories of my grandpa... share them in my comments! I'd love to learn more about his heart and his character :)

Below are some of the family who came to celebrate this extraordinary man:

Here's my brother, Ryan, with his nephew

 Ethan with his Grandma playing the drums. Grandma Wager rushes to hold this child!
He is truly blessed :)

 Dad and Uncle Phil... who by the way, gives the best hugs! I would go so far to say they are bear hugs. Everyone needs a bear hug once in a while :)

Grandma feeding our hungry hippo :)

This handsome man is my Husband. I'm always so proud of him when he helps out...

   Here is my grandfather's only son's only daughter... Allie is what I usually go by.

Auntie Carrie busy at work...

Auntie Julie... one to blame for the amazing apple pie!
The Wager women not only cook, they have green thumbs! Before we left the party, Auntie Julie gave us a bag of home grown zucchini, squash, and eggplant. It was as if I had left the farmer's market that night!

Make a wish! It's never too late... Abraham became a father at 99!
My Aunts say he's a hot ticket with the ladies still...

Our messy boy at the dinner table. No pie yet! Sorry buddy.

Ryan and his friend Louise

Family picture before leaving the Smith Family Vineyard... Phil and Julie Smith that is :)
We just couldn't pass up these beautiful flowers. Okay, I couldn't pass them up... Ethan was already suited up for bed in his jammies.

Oh how the Sun got jealous!
It's not enough that our world evolves around you bowing at a 23.4 degree axial tilt!
Grandpa turned 96 so you had to show off your triple digits! Do us a favor and cry us a river!!

Here is some evidence of Fall around our neighborhood today.

 And evidence that Summer still lingers...

Ethan enjoying the colors... and some shade!

Daddy's home!!!

Fall decorations are out:

We call these "Boo Lights" - Solar lights that change colors in the dark.
Costco never fails to provide for the holidays :)

Flowers requiring "full sun" are still in full bloom:

And one little boy finds his little pumpkin in our pumpkin patch of 3:



  1. Cute blog! I do love Ethan's car pushy thing! He is already cruising in style :) Looks like a fun park, we'll have to go soon!

  2. Allie:
    Thank you so much from the daughter that missed her Dad's 96 birthday party. Such fun to see you and your handsome family.

    Love, Aunt Shirley and Terry

  3. We knew you wanted to be there :)!

    Sending love back your way!!


  4. Hi Allie! My cousin Vic Wager sent me this email. my name is Janie Wager Kilby, & my dad was Clinton E Wager, Sr. I believe he & your grandad were cousins. I will ask my mom, who will also turn 96 in May. I love your pictures & to see Wager family that I haven't met. My dad also loved rocks, as does my brother Max. Must be in the genes! Your baby is so cute. I have a new grandson, Harrison Finn Kilby, from my son Ryan. I will have to tell him he has a cousin named Ryan! Please give your grandfather our best wishes for another healthy year, & tell him he has a beautiful family. Janie Kilby

  5. How amazing! I love it when the internet brings families together :) I'll have to tell my brother, Ryan, that he is no longer the only Ryan in the family! I will pass on your love to my Grandpa :). God bless you and yours!!

  6. Allie: I read this comment from a Wager relative and would like to be in touch with her. Terry is writing a story about Clarence Wager, Dad's father, and it would be great to see if they have pictures or any other family info. You can get my email from your Dad as I don't want to post it on this blog. I don't know how we would go from there as this cousin sent her comments anonymously as well.
    Thanks, Auntie Shirley

  7. I'm not sure either since she left it anonymous... best bet would be if she checked the blog again, I suppose, and contacted me through e-mail (I believe she can do that through my blog??)

    That's amazing that Terry is writing a story about Great-Grandpa Wager :)