Friday, January 20, 2012

Pre and Post Christmas

So I've kind of avoided posting about Christmas just because there were SO MANY pictures... and of course, I can't leave any out! Better late than never... and besides, my Christmas decorations are still up... so as far as we're concerned, it's still the Holidays! :)

Christmas time means baking time!
I made Mark's favorite chocolate chip cookies, put them of fun plates, and passed them out to the neighbors!

Here's another thing Mark and I playfully joke about:
Mark's favorite chocolate chip cookies are really oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.
It's true.
Chocolate chip cookies traditionally don't have oatmeal in them. But nooooo. For Mark, it's not homemade choc. chip unless there's some quaker oats in the cookie. Another way we grew up differently...
the have and have nots... oatmeal that is.
For me, when someone says homemade chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal doesn't come to mind.
Just sayin' ;)

Either way, to please my hubby (and neighbors), I made his "special" homemade chocolate chip cookies.

... and Ethan happily benefited from Mommy's baking.

Breathing treaments. Tis the season in our house!

Each December, our neighborhood gets a much anticipated visit from Santa Claus. He trades his sleigh for a fire engine and brings all of his "elves" with him. Or as our friend, JJ, puts it, "probably all the rookie firefighters." :)

There are lots of neighborhoods that get the same type of visit from Santa around EDH and Folsom... but what makes our 'hood a little more special is we have the fire chief as our neighbor.
This means a slightly longer visit!
The whole neighborhood gets together at the park and brings a potluck of goodies along with lots of hot cocoa! Young families bring there little ones who wait in line to tell Santa what they want for Christmas and some even get to climb onto the fire engine.

Here are pictures of that night. 
We invited a few friends to join!

Buddies Ethan and Tyler with Daddies Mark and Mike...

Ty-Ty's Mommy actually made his moose hat!
I was blown away by her talent!

We bribed the kiddos with a rice cracker for a kid photo.

Ethan loves his buddies "Emma!" and "Ty-Ty!" (always said with great excitement!)

Ashley and I with our boys and their complimentary jammies!

Watch the progression of these photos...
Ethan sees something interesting on the mantel. Reaches for it...

Our metal stocking holder was E's first "Gravity 101" lesson.
(no decorations or feet were harmed during this photo shoot)

This year for gift tags, I used pictures instead of words... hoping Ethan would catch on...

Love, The Young Family :)

Ethan's gift tags and wrapping paper was slightly different and more fun...

Ethan watching a Christmas Classic...

Our family Christmas tree 2011

Church was all about THE ONE and only, Immanuel!
What a gift He was/is!

Christmas Eve...
Resting with Daddy

My cuzzo, Kevin :)

Dad and Mark playing Wii Golf

The set-up...

Americanized Christmas...

Stockings for Ryan, Mark, Allie, & Ethan

The house I grew up in decorated for Christmas...

Ethan playing the harmonica

With Uncle Tim watching Veggie Tales on YouTube

Sexy Man... Merry Christmas to me! :)

Ethan taking a swing at the Wii

My Mama

Auntie JoJo, Uncle Ronnie, Mom, Auntie Lori

Family picture... Ethan holding the "light of Christmas" in his mouth...


Green and Red Velvet cupcakes from Copper Lantern Cupcakes
We are proud supporters of our talented neighbor... quite a baker!

Post Christmas Dinner

Ryan being Ryan.

Rip and Shred with Ethan...

One of his favorite gifts... a Chevy's hat from Uncle Ronnie!

Standing ovation :)

Ethan went to sleep and now it's time for the adults to open gifts...

Christmas Morning at the Wager House...

Grandpa built a fire...

Our little elf loved his new car from Grandma and Grandpa!

Ethan made both sets of Grandparents a Christmas Tree this year...

Mark got his pre-ordered Courageous movie... 
(too bad the picture focused on the piano lamp in the background)

Lowes gift card for Ryan

We brought a kid couch down for Ethan to sit on while he opened his gifts... also, outfit change. 
We found him drinking Uncle Ryan's Pepsi... well, his shirt drank most of it...

Fun with Daddy...

This is Ethan's new favorite thing... 
sitting on Daddy's shoulders while Mark leans back and forth saying "woah! woah!"
Hold on, Ethan!

Those giggles sure are contagious!

New hat from Auntie Jackie, Uncle Steve, and Scotty.
Adorable Owl!

Post Christmas Morning...

Christmas Day/Dinner at Grandma & Grandpa Young's!

We have a new sister... Jennifer is marrying Uncle Scotty!
Congrats to the happy couple!

Family picture on Christmas Day

Grandpa and Ethan!
{more giggles from this boy}

Watching Ethan's very first Disney movie, Peter Pan! (I know, we've been to Disneyland twice with him now...)
He sat through the ENTIRE movie just like this...

Post Christmas.
Here are some pics of Ethan playing with his gifts...

Crayons for bath time...

and a Magic Erasers for clean up... Thank you Melissa!

Playing in his Thomas tent from his cousins Andrew,  Hannah, and Titus...

In addition to the cute owl hat, Auntie Jackie got Ethan this... he says "Weeeee!" when the penguin spins down the slide :)

A great moment: Ethan playing with his new Veggie Tales Pirate ship from Mommy & Daddy while watching The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything - AND - eating "twisted cheese curls".

And that's all, folks!
Look exhausting? 
It kind of was... lots to do, places to go... but the good kind of exhausting, if you know what I mean?

Happy 2012 everyone!
Now we're off to Cabo for Auntie Christina and Uncle Marc's wedding.

Yup, there's never a dull moment...

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