Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shower, Splash, and Sweet Splendor!


Mark's little sister (and therefore, my sister too!) is getting married July 30th. The weekend after Mother's Day, we showered her!

I wish I had more pictures of the tables, food, picture frames, etc. (all the fun stuff that goes into planning) but I was too busy to stop and document.

Oh well!

Here's a picture of me questioning the bride...

"What did Nate answer to this question..."

Pretty compatible I'd say ;)

Hannah made her Auntie a necklace

Fun after the party...

Bride and MOB :)

The fancy bouquet my Auntie JoJo made...
we all joked, "You don't need a real bouquet now!"

Christie and Nate
Soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Lantaff

Sly guy, that Nate :)

Cuzzos rockin' out to musical toys :)


The weather is warming up and my little water bug cannot get enough splish-splashin' fun!

So, we brought out the $5 kiddie pool I bought last summer (couldn't pass up a good deal!)
and Ethan went to town!

This water monster also likes to get into our new fountain pots so....
I sprayed him with the hose to make it shower over him.

He loved it!
Pots? What pots?


So I've been holding off on our before/after pictures of our yard because we are almost done. So close, in fact, I can taste it!

I planted a few veggies and fruits and we are already enjoying them!

This is my "topsy turvy" tiered stand filled with strawberries.

Wine barrel of herbs

Herbs, tomatoes, and more strawberries (we will have no shortage!)

A pretty flower :)


2nd small handful so far!

Happy Gardener!

Now we move to my parent's house.
Lots of beautiful flowers and plants... some planted specifically for our wedding reception almost 7 years ago!

Ethan loves running around Grandma and Grandpa Wager's yard!

They recently installed the gate for our kiddo... pool safety!

Walk with Grandma!
Beep! Beep!

That's all for now!

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  1. Such a great party, Allie! I had a lot of fun! Your gardening skills are impressive, by the way!!