Monday, October 10, 2011

Birthday x 6 + "Apple Ho" = Fun!

It's Fall again.
School is back in session, the weather is finally dropping below triple digits...
Starbucks is advertising their Pumpkin Spice Lattes once again (and this year, introducing their oh-so-irresistible Salted Caramel Mocha!)...
and for the Young Family, it is also Birthday Season.

We celebrated 6 birthdays on my hubby's actual day, October 1st, in honor of Mom, Dad, Jeremy, Katie, Mark, and Titus
(We celebrated Christie's birthday in spirit since she couldn't leave LA for the big day... so I guess it was technically 7)

What better way to spend a Fall Birthday than at Apple Hill?
... or as Ethan called it "Apple Ho"... we're working on /i/ blends... not quite there yet! :)

Here are some pictures of the fun!
Ethan and Grandpa in the Fudge Factory...

Play time! So much to explore at High Hill Ranch!

More fun with Grandpa

All aboard the Ethan Express!

Riding the mini merry-go-round. We all got a good laugh out of this one... Ethan was so serious... looking straight ahead... fully focused as if thinking, "better hold on tight so I don't get a big bonk! No one's gonna catch me..."
which of course he would be wrong ;)


Cousins arrive!
I love this picture because it shows 2 well trained kids in front of the camera...
2 out of 4 ain't bad!

All looking at the camera... *miracle*

... and more of what it was like in between takes...

... Hannah the ballerina, Ethan dancing to Andrew's pumpkin drum beats, and Titus beating his own pumpkin for back-up...

Titus the Birthday Boy! He's 3 :)

Katie and Dad... also Fall birthdays


Grandma at the pond with the kiddos

Grandma and Grandpa with the kids

Grandpa with the two toddlers

Ethan is such a Grandpa's boy!

Jeremy, Katie, Andrew, Hannah, and Titus

Uncle Scotty having fun tossing Andrew around... who seems to be enjoying it too!


Scott and Jennifer

Hannah twirling... seriously, so stinkin' cute in her orange tutu and headband!

The Family :)

Spiced Cider Shake and Apple Crumble Donuts...
Still haven't recovered from the donuts... yummm!

My little grocery shopper

Ethan saying "Apple!"

My 2 favorite boys!

It only took minutes in the car and E crashed on the way home...

Pizza party!

Jumbo baseball with Uncle Scotty!

Ethan's early batting skills...

A lefty... up to bat...

Wait for it...

... and a straight follow through... it's a definite ground ball! :)

Cold Stone's ice cream cake!
We got all the names on it!!

..."happy birthday dear, everyone!..."

The birthday party plus... Ethan (he wanted his Grandpa)

The hills were alive with a symphony of colors!

And the kids were most definitely alive and full of energy too!

Present time

Possibly the best gift for all was the time we got to spend together.
God is so good and has blessed us with a loving, faith-filled family.
It was so wonderful to share a day and create memories...
watch and listen to the kids run around and play together...
and to top it off, God gave us a beautiful sunset.
I just love it when He shows off :)

Happy Fall!

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