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July 2013(33)

Happy New Year!!!… now let's talk about July. Why? Because I'm that far behind. BUT I do think it's better to be late than never… so… here we go:

July 2013

The scene: I have a 1 month old and a boy just shy of 3 and a half. Boxes up to my eyeballs to put away in a new house that demands more than my brand new infant at times.

No big deal :/

Also, we were in the middle of Grace's 30 day countdown. Once we took Gracie home we had 30 days for her birth mom to change her mind and take her back.

Kind of a big deal.

Mature as I was in my zombie state {See June Bloom}, I wanted to run away… with my family of 4 that is. I just wanted to get away and have fun without worrying about how to fix _____, or calling ____ about _____, or….

As luck would have it, we had already planned a cabin escape with Mark's family the week of the 4th of July. THANK YOU GOD!

I could not WAIT to drive far enough away from life where all I'd have to worry about was "What should we make for dinner?", "Do you want your marshmallows golden brown or charred?",  "Who wants to get up to feed Grace tonight?"  (joys of the bottle!)…

Well, when we got there, our cool getaway ended up being super hot. As in triple digits with no air conditioning hot.

We could only stand it for 2 nights, then we headed back to our (new) place. All 14 of us for a redirected vacation staycation. 

I'm not going to lie. I was sad to come back to reality so soon, but we did make the best of it! Lots of swimming, lots of BBQ, fireworks from the balcony, and the girls even got away for part of the day for lunch and some mani-pedi action… Here are some pics...

At the Cabin
We escaped to a cafe for air conditioning.
Turning the oven on was unbearable, but we did it for cookies!

Grandpa and Ethan.
My favorite conversation:

Grandpa: "Ethan, do you see that bird waaaay over there? Beyond that big tree on that little branch?"
*pretends to shoot his gun*
"Now you don't!"

And then they'd both laugh and take turns shooting different objects all over the backyard…
"Now you don't!"
"Now you don't!"

And then of course, they battled each other

Hot! Hot! hot!!!

By the end of the trip, Grace was sleeping in her diaper. 

Back at the fort.
Brothers, BBQ, Cousins, 4th of July marshmallow sticks...

Girl time!
Gracie getting loves from her cousins and Auntie Katie.

4th of July pictures

Poor baby girl caught some sun on her face :(

Grandmas spent lots of time visiting in July as they missed seeing their Ethan boy AND spending time with their newest grand baby girl!

Oddly enough, I only captured moments spent with Ethan.
He does demand attention ;)

Kisses for Grandma Wager

Fairytale Town with Grandma Young

"Gabout" Fairytale Town
{Ethan substitutes the first letter in some words for /g/}

I was worried that Ethan would feel royally robbed of my time and love after welcoming Grace into our family. To try and avoid that, I made every effort to spend as much time with him as I could when she was asleep and also, let him choose the activities of the day.

We did whatever he wanted (within reason).

One day I asked him, "Ethan, today we can do anything you want! What do you want to do today?"

His response: "Let's go to Fairytale Town!"

This was my first week alone with both kids (after my mom had taken Ethan for a week so we could bond with Gracie)

My response: "Let's do it!" 

And we did!…
 I felt a little like super mom (with a double stroller and baby sling)!

Our little runner sprinter (as in, mad dash away from you in large, public, crowded places) did excellent in staying with me when I had to give the baby a bottle or change her diaper…

Looking back (now 6 months later) Ethan was just as much of a gift during this time as Grace was. 
He is an angel of a big brother.
Way to go God!

 Pictures of friends and fun in the mid-summer sun...

When Grace's 30 days were up, my mom, Grace and I took a long weekend trip to the LA Garment District to find fabric to make her nursery.

My mom has serious sewing skills and… a serger
(just ask, she's proud to share! ;)) 

So, yes, make her nursery.
Crib bedding, curtains, etc.

THIS was the vacation I really needed.
It was a total blessing and a great girls weekend (of 3 generations) bonding, laughing, eating food we didn't have to prepare, and sharing the joys of a multiplying family.

My mom had never been to the Garment District… we had a good laugh at the "Tang Tops" for sale.

Also, I saw "God winks" everywhere… all over this trip!
Our hotel and airfare costs were $333 each.
We also stayed at the L.A. Hotel Downtown.
The Address?
333 South Figueroa Street


I know it's good to laugh at life sooner than later, but sometimes you have to take a break from life itself to actually be able to fully enjoy and laugh in the moment with a good friend.

That's what happened when I escaped with my mom.
She got away with me and helped me focus on just living and laughing in the moment… 

...add in a little retail therapy...

and I was transitioning out of being a "zombie" and back into being "Allie".

Thank you Mama.
And thank you Hubby for having a "Boys Weekend" so we could escape!

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