Saturday, February 8, 2014

October Funny Bones

October was filled with all things pumpkin, cider, and apples. We did an excellent job visiting pumpkin patches this year, I must say. Some years are better than others… this year (2013) was fantastic!

We bought lots of fresh apple cider from Apple Hill and a few boxes of apples to make my infamous Double Crumble Apple Pie! I even tried making apple chips this year… another success!

What's not to love about October? 

Starting with October 1st… my Hubby's Birthday!
He turned 31 this year :)
His Mama made and sent over his absolute favorite cake pie!
Banana Cream :)

October Lovin'

Pumpkin Patch Fun!

We visited Bishop's Pumpkin Farm for the first time with our very favorite family friends, 
the Jarvis Family <3

3 cuties jumping in soft hay

Love those neighbors!
We (hopefully) started a fun tradition in our new neighborhood!

Included was an invitation to the Fall Festival we hosted for the first time in our backyard!
The festival was a collection of many DIY kid-friendly fun stations… carnival style :)
Lots and lots of Mommies were to blame for the amazing turn out!

Below is a picture of part of the fun!
I'll be sure to take more pics next time ;)

Random cuteness/sightings of our October

Extremely blessed by these 2 women.
Grandma time!

Talk about random… a few random things to remember about October:
1) Grace sleeping through dinner at the Cheesecake factory = AMAZING!
2) Spent over an hour with Gymboree trying to track down a package they sent to the wrong house = RIDICULOUS!
3 & 4) An afternoon at the pumpkin patch with Grace's birth mom = Amazingly Blessed!

Time to carve some pumpkins!
Ethan making the same face as his jack-o-lantern.
He thought the pulp and seeds were "yucky!"

Decorating the porch!
Ethan had it all figured out ;) Line 'em all up!
Makes for a great barricade ;)

Cute pics with Daddy

Ethan breakin' it down for us on the porch :D

Sweetness in a Bumbo

Halloween Day!
This was the most happening our kiddos were that day/night!
I tried SO HARD to keep them awake!

This was in the early afternoon…
Watch the sweet interactions between Grace and Ethan.

Mr. Funny Bones, himself!

…aaaaand this is what we looked like when Mark got home from work.
"Who's ready for trick-or-treating?"

We changed him into his Captain Hook costume thinking he'd be more in the mood once he woke up...

… only, he was in such a deep sleep that he accidentally wet through his costume :(
No problem! 
We had a back-up in the car ;)
Thor it is!

We were supposed to be a theme:
Ethan: Captain Hook
Daddy: Fellow Pirate
Mommy: Tiger Lily
Grace: Tinker Bell

Grace never got out of her "funny bones" jammies as she was still snoozing while we went door to door.

We went back to our old neighborhood to trick-or-treat… we loved seeing all the familiar friendly faces!

So that was our October… quick and sweet!
Kinda makes me miss it on this rainy February day...

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