Thursday, February 6, 2014

Turning the Corner of September

Chug, chug, chugging through 2013… I know, I'm behind. No news here!

Let's do this…

September was fantastic! A real change of seasons for me. It was finally the end of Summer and the Fall schedule was kickin' in… this means much needed regularity to my weeks. 

Every Tuesday and Thursday I take the kids to our church for a woman's bible study and mom's group.  They play in the classroom and I have a slice of "me time".

As a stay at home Mommy, I need and crave that time with other girls who are in the same stage of life and… yup, that healthy time away from my kiddos too!

I am grateful to God that I am able to stay at home with my babies. I didn't always want to (another story for another time), but I am blessed to the depths of my being that God changed my heart to do so. 

It's hard. Sometimes I want to go back to work (of just throw my kids out the window… either one will do on some days…), but I have no regrets {especially since I have yet to chuck a child out the window}. And sadly, I think I would have some regrets if I had gone to work during these early, impressionable years. 

HOWEVER! Dependency is something I have to work on. Dependency of my husband, dependency of my friends, and…. my kid's dependency of me! I need breaks… and I need some "me time" so I can continue to give all of me. Cause yeah, it can be super draining!

But I struggle with who I trust my kids with. And this is where I can breathe easy...

I have been beyond pleased with the Little Steps program at Lakeside Church. One Christ follower especially, Miss Sheri, has been excellent with our sweet and energetic Ethan boy. I have literally thanked God for her for 2 years now. It puts my heart at rest knowing that my kids are encouraged and treated with grace-filled love while I am getting fed what I'm lacking in my day to day. 

This has also been a great source of socialization for my kids while they are still home with me.

They're socialized. I'm socialized. Win-Win.

So! September brought this much needed regularity to my life as I was more than happy to slam the door shut on Summer. 

We took the longest vacation since Mark started his practice - 1.5 weeks! - and drove down to southern California for a whirlwind, kid centered vacation. 

We did it all: Legoland, San Diego Zoo, aquariums, Sea World, beaches, and capped it all off with Disneyland. 

I don't recommend such an action packed week. The San Diego Zoo by itself deserves it's own zip code and we were totally deflated at the end of the day having only scratched the surface!

I could have used a little more beach time to be honest, but I am so grateful for the time away and the focus on family!

Here are some pictures of our September…

Our sweet Gracie Girl turned 3 Months…

I'm not sure if this is mean or not, but I saw a striking similarity to our daughter and her Great-Grandpa Chan… maybe because she's bald and happy?

Her 3 Month Pictures by the one and only, Jen Jarvis Photography!

She discovered her tongue during this shoot...

The many faces of Ethan Mark this September

September Fun… and Creative Solutions

Ugh. Expensive Fail.
I was so mad at myself!
Ethan: "It's okay, Mommy. We'll go back and get you a new one."

"Waygo Wand!"
We spent a week with my parents in the San Diego Area.
We were all blessed with the time together!

Water Fun!


Nixon Presidential Museum.
Reunited with some of our favorite friends from Boston, the Davenports.

San Diego Zoo!

Dinner @ Jake's
Behind the scenes...

Back at the Hotel!
Ethan has some kind of Grandpa to let him jump off his head into the pool!…
Over and over and over again...

Bummin' it!

Sea World!
Shamu Splash!

More Sea World

San Diego's Little Italy…
Ethan was all "pictured out".
Mark worked some magic...

This place was honestly worth the entire trip!
I love food but I loooove my sweets!
Extradorinary Desserts was exceptional!
Best Hazelnut Latte I've ever tasted…

To the inner dessert foodie in me, you're welcome!
PS - If I had 1 week to live, I might consider flying back here just for dessert.

We dropped my parents off at the San Diego Airport and then headed to Disneyland.

Disneyland is actually a place where can relax as a family.
I know this is not the case for (many) others, but it is for us.

Our kid is action packed, all the time! 
And Disneyland is a place where that is acceptable and… even encouraged!
We've found that our family vacations are pretty much limited to the beach or parks for kids.
THIS is our favorite park!

Each year since Ethan was 18 months, we've bought season passes. Up until this trip, Ethan had been free!
Then it's just the price of food, gas, and hotel (unless we use our timeshare points!).
AND Mark and I really love the road trip to talk… about anything!… for hours.

This September, however, we experienced Disney with Ethan's cousins!
Titus turned 5 and we were happy to celebrate with everyone!
Ethan was in Disney Heaven, that's for sure!!

Character Dinner

Young Boys being young boys.

Such fun!

My mom and I were noticing that when Ethan walks, he has a confidence about him.
She calls it "swagger"… minus the arrogance.
He's just a happy, healthy, joyful, light.
I guess that makes you puff your chest out a bit when you walk :)

My Super (cute) Boys

Love making her bows!
She rocked the princess set ;)

So that was September!
We turned the corner with the help of Fall…
and some pixie dust ;)

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  1. Just read September. I'll have to come back for the rest. Lol! Was excited to see we made it into the post. ;) So good to see you guys back in September! And no joke re: the Zoo needing its own zip code. We haven't even seen the whole thing and we had an annual pass last year!