Monday, January 31, 2011

Celebrating 28 was worth the wait!

The Young Family had a celebration-packed weekend filled with family, friends, and yummy food! What were we celebrating?.... my 28th birthday (and my Auntie Lori's too with my side of the family)! We were originally going to celebrate 2 weekends ago, but that was the same weekend that Ethan just got home from the hospital... so we postponed.

The weekend started off on Saturday with a family walk to the park! We love our Daddy time and Ethan had so much fun swinging on the big swings with his one and only, "Dadadadada!" But first, they both observed the current mess of our back yard as we are waiting for the patio to be completed...

After Ethan woke up from his first nap, we headed to Leatherby's in Roseville to celebrate with the Young side. Ethan got a special treat from his cousins for going to the hospital... loving cards and a stuffed animal too. He was soooo happy to be with his cousins! He could not stop smiling at them from across the table and waving both hands!!

Reading their cards with Grandma

Not to worry, we had lots of cameras to capture such a moment!

Cutie Pie Titus!!

Grandpa time!

Dancing with Hannah

Walking together. Hannah was so happy to take Ethan by the hand and walk with him everywhere!

Sweet cousin!

"Look Auntie Allie! My teeth are missing in the front!"

Ethan just loves his Grandma and Grandpa Young!

Sweet toothy boy, Andrew!

Good-bye hugs!

That night, my best friend, Chrstina, and her fiance, Marc, allowed us to cash in on our Christmas gift... date night! I'm not sure who had more fun... us or Ethan! Mark and I went to a Kings game (they won!!! It was like "watching a shooting star" as Mark said) and ate lots of yummy, heart-clogging arena food, and Ethan got to go to the park where he pet a dog, chased after kids with delight (who didn't really pay too much attention to him), went on the swings, and down the slide... I dono... it's a toss up!

Sunday we attended church for the first time in weeks! Since Ethan has been in isolation, we haven't been able to go. It. Was. Wonderful! Praising God and listening to His word was the best way to start off Sunday!

When we arrived home, Mom and Dad Wager were already there! My mom and I escaped to Costco, Starbucks, and picked up lunch while Ethan napped. When he woke up, we went to the park with Grandma and Grandpa!

Ethan was too busy to look at Grandpa/the camera... he had things to do, places to go, and steps to climb!

Such fun!


Already excited!

"This way, Grandma!"

Sliding down on his tummy is just as fun!

We met up with the rest of the family at Bistro 33 for dinner in the Town Center. A "shot" of Tomato Basil Bisque, a glass of wine, and Chicken with Mushroom Ravioli was bliss!
Back home, Auntie Lori and I opened our gifts... she brought me back a lei from her recent trip to Maui... it filled the room with it's fragrance!

More sweets!

Coffee Crunch Cake by request!
Love. It.

"Ethan" got Mommy a new lense for our camera (since I'm the one that takes most of our photos these days...). Here Auntie JoJo is testing it out...
Focused on the flowers....

Got it right! But now I'm laughing at my mom for coming to a screeching halt so that she didn't walk in front of the camera. She stopped as if she were going to get run over by a bus!! Too funny...

With a flash...

Balloons! Ethan was already in bed but I knew he would love to play with them in the morning!

Ryan and Louise

My handsome Hubby :)

Big Bro, Little Sis

Mark caught me picking at the cake after everyone left...

Wrapping it up....

The next day... Ethan found the balloons!...

And took them where ever he walked...

One last test of my new lense... this is Ethan memorized by Sesame Street.

Thank you to my family and friends for making this a wonderful birthday!
Celebrating 28 was worth the wait!!
(29 will be even better! Christina and Marc will get married 2 days before - a gift in itself!- and then we'll be spending my birthday on the same beach they'll exchange vows on in Cabo San Lucas. Ooooh what a fiesta it will be!)

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  1. Your blog is adorable, Allie! I can't believe how big Ethan is getting. Glad that he is feeling better.