Monday, January 24, 2011

Sick Baby, Sad Baby - Happiest Boy to Be Home!

Our house has now experienced two sicknesses with our little guy. The first was the week of Thanksgiving (notice how we have no Thanksgiving pictures!). Ethan was miserable and soooo sad. He was so sick and tired that he wouldn't even cry. Then Momma got sick which was awful (thank goodness Grandma Wager stepped in and saved us!)... so that was Sick Baby #1.

Just recently Ethan got sick again... my first thought was, "Oh great! Is this really going to happen every 1.5 months?" But his sickness was different than before. He had more energy this time (which I thought was good...) but he was unusually awake for being so sick. The last night that he/I could take was when he slept every 20 minutes and cried for 10 minutes... it was horrible. He was coughing constantly (and crying after each cough), pulling at his ears, refusing food, exhausted, and wheezing. So I took my poor boy into the Dr. who said that he had an ear infection but what was more concerning was his breathing... his airways were really tight. So they gave him a breathing treatment with a nebulizer and checked his breathing again. No difference. The Dr. wanted to admit him into the hospital. He said to go home, give him another breathing treatment, and wait for his call to admit him into the hospital... should be in 2-3 hours.

Soooo.... I left the doctor's office amazingly put together and was really matter of fact about it. There was no real emergency. It's not like Ethan was swept away by an ambulance. But as I drove away, I totally lost it! My baby boy is going to the hospital?! We had told the doctor that he's always had a little bit of wheezing in his breathing... he had it the last time he got sick.... why is this hospital worthy now?

So I drove to Mark's office (which was across the street) and told his assistant to please send him outside. Mark excused himself from a patient and rushed out of the office like the building was on fire. He asked me what I wanted him to do, cancel all his patients? I told him no... that I was just super emotional because I got no sleep the night before and just the idea of the hospital was scary. So he told me he'd head to Mercy San Juan as soon as he finished up. I then drove to the drive-thru pharmacy (now sobbing...) to pick up Ethan's medicine. The pharmacist slid out a tissue with the medicine "for both of us".

I knew I didn't want to wait 3 hours by myself now that I was clearly a wreak, so I called my best friend Christina to come be with me. The conversation went something like this... imagine me with a broken voice trying to keep from crying...

"Yes.... what....?!
"I don't want you... to freak out. Can you please come help me?"
"Yes! I'll be right there!!"

So she literally threw on whatever clothes she had (she was doing laundry at the time) and rushed out the door to drive to our place not knowing what to expect.

When I got home, I called my dad.... just to let him know.... but as soon as I heard his voice, I couldn't help but cry... so he got extremely worried because I was upset and hearing that Ethan was going to the hospital... so he dropped what he was doing to come up too (even though I told him Christina would be with me... he had to see Ethan for himself).

All to say.... we all went to the hospital. Mommy, Grandpa Wager, Auntie Christina, and the Sick Baby Boy.

Ethan was so miserable and it only got worse for the little guy. He was poked and prodded so many times that his sweet little chubby arms bruised. They finally asked to put an IV in his head since they could see his veins there and we reluctantly agreed only so they would stop poking around on him. They took chest x-rays and hooked him up to everything that beeped and glowed. Ethan, my independent, non-snugly, boy was all of a sudden glued to me. He just wanted me to hold him and the entire first night, he would only sleep in my arms. He grew a real dislike for the people in scrubs!

Ethan was diagnosed with Bronciolitis. He was in the hospital for 3 nights and 4 days. They. Were. Torture. After the first night he got back plenty of fluids, the pain from his ear infection was gone because of the antibiotics, and he was in better spirits (except for every 2 hours when someone would come bug him). He was in isolation because of his cold (funny that he was isolated but shared a room with another sick child...) so he went stir crazy! (and so did I after staying there for 2 nights - my Mom stayed with him his last night).

After many, many treatments and a full nights sleep without oxygen, they let him go.

I can not tell you how tiring it was staying in that place and even worse... I felt like Ethan was just miserable every second that he was there. I'm used to a very happy, strong, healthy boy... it was hard to see that sweet face with an IV on top of his head.

Thank God we had amazing support from our family and friends! Mark's Mom visited every single day and arrived as early as she could staying until Ethan went to sleep. My mom drove up everyday after work and stayed until he slept... then spent the night herself. Mark showed up everyday after work and stayed until I went to sleep...Grandpas came. Uncle Ryan came. And of course, Christina came driving to our rescue! We are so blessed!!

It's been a week now and we are no longer doing breathing treatments because Ethan's health is back! Doctor's orders were that he stays isolated (especially from kids) until he is well. I am going one week beyond that juuuuust to be sure!

Since Ethan came home, he has been happier than I've ever known him to be. He is SO STIINKIN' HAPPY! He can run around, play, climb the stairs, go on walks (God has blessed us with amazing weather and Ethan is in Heaven on Earth - Thanks Jesus!!), and just be a normal 11 month old!

The week before he got sick he took his first steps! At 11 months old, he was a walkin' boy! We had a set back with the hospital, but he is walking again!

Here are some pictures of Ethan in the hospital and a picture/brief description of Bronchiolitis. Most of the kiddos in the hospital that were there had it too. Tis the Season!!

Ethan with Grandma Young in the Hospital
Snuggly boy
Sweet, Sad Face
With Daddy...
Wanted to sleep with Mommy on the pull-out chair
In his cage... can't tell you how many times he bonked his head on those metal rails!
A wonderful surprise on our front porch (with homemade cookies!) from his buddy, Emma!
At home doing his breathing treatments...
Wasn't having it at first, but doesn't blink at it now.
Happy Boy!
When he got home from the hospital, his second front tooth pushed through!
Happy to be home and watch all of the exciting changes to our back yard!
Jack hammers are soooo entertaining!
The boy has his appetite back!
Scavenger... "Found a cheerio on the ground. Better eat it quick!"
Back to studying our letters!
And lots of fun bath time. They wouldn't bathe him in the hospital!
Happy to have Daddy time...
And Mommy time!

I pretty much kept Ethan at home at all times last week... but we ran out of food! So we took a trip to Winco (grocery cart cover a must!)
This is how he looked when we entered the store. The poor guy thinks it's Disneyland... he has been sheltered for too long!
Speed Walker!

Ethan's First Walk
Kiddos and Mountians... love our neighborhood!
After walking a block in his walker, he hitched a ride in his car!

Loves his Daddy!
I cannot tell you how much this kid LOVES his walks!

He is playing lots of Peek-a-boo with the doors these days!

So the Young Family is experiencing the dips in the rollercoaster of life! But I've gotta say, you can't get to the highest peaks without the momentum of the drops.

God is good... all the time! Even when we don't understand life's circumstances.
I'm just so unbelieveably grateful for His love sent in the form of family and friends.


  1. I'm so glad that Ethan is home and healthy! I've had my share of my babies in the hospital, and it is both scary and miserable! He is such a cutie and you are very blessed to have a big family that is there to help and support you. God bless you and your sweet family and keep you healthy!
    Love Aunt Denise<3

  2. Allie, I am so sorry to hear all that you went through. I would have been the same- a total wreck had my baby been hospitalized. I was just thinking of you all! So glad you made it through and that he is doing better. Can't wait to play!