Thursday, January 6, 2011

Toothy Boy!... and some Christmas pictures

Ethan has a tooth! Finally! After months of excessive drooling... it has arrived!

A very exciting milestone for our little guy... Ethan no longer has an exclusively gummy grin :)

Baby teeth = Oral Hygiene 101... brushing those pearly whites day and night and no more formula-filled bottles in the crib!

Here are some pictures of the little guy brushing for the first time. As his daddy pointed out, it is literally a TOOTHbrush.... juuuuust one! ;) Daddy also said that they grow in pairs so the other front tooth is on it's way!
Toothy Boy loves his tooth brush

 Now that he has one tooth, he has insisted on feeding himself! This means that I have had to find finger foods that will nourish him and keep his interest (Cheerios only lasts for so long!)
Here are scrambled eggs with formula

 Mark received a gorgeous Harry & David fruit basket from one of the Dr.'s for Christmas and Ethan has benefited from their juicy pears ;)

Finally, here are some pictures of Baby's First Christmas :)

A low-res picture with Santa...

Ethan Celebrating Christmas/His Uncle and Auntie's Engagement... originally we were going to celebrate Marc's birthday.... oh well!, anyway, it was a long time coming!

 His very first Christmas gift! Auntie has good taste ;)... and Ethan likes the taste of the plastic hanger.
 Ethan especially enjoyed the tissue paper...

...and his monogrammed E stocking!

Ethan with Grandpa Wager

Christmas Eve present marathon! Ethan Mark is one lucky boy :)

He thrived on ripping the wrapping paper :)

My mom is Martha Stewart's long distant, four times removed, cousin... or something like that :)

The bubbly of the night

Ryan on the keys

A blanket that I made for Ethan Boy... it was one of those fleece-type blankets that I tied the edges together after cutting them into strips...

E thought it was quite cozy!

Christmas Morning at Grandma and Grandpa Young's!
Ethan eating cheerios...

Tasting his gifts/testing the waters....


I love this man!

Uncle Scotty knows how to jam!

Playing the piano with Grandpa and Titus

Jeremy, Katie, Andrew, Hannah, and Titus
Family Picture!

A miracle that we are all looking the same direction :)

Attempted cousin picture...
Ethan: Who is holding me?
Hannah: Can we hurry this up already?

Titus: Mmmmm! This ornament is YUMMY!
Hannah: Titus! What is in your mouth?!
Ethan: I think I remember you...
Andrew: My mouth hurts from smiling.

All kids: ?!?!?!?!?! We're done! ?!?!??!!

But Hannah wanted to still take a picture with "Baby Ethan"
I love all those cuties!!

And now, one of the best moments for all children after Christmas... playing with their new toys!

He's only a little excited...

Watch out!!!

Lots of fun in his new play hut from The West Family....

Wearing a new outfit from his Great Aunties....
they truly are just that!

Happy New Year, everyone!
May God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you!

I'm looking forward to what 2011 has to offer!

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