Monday, April 4, 2011

Emerald Hills, Fabulous Wine & One Beautiful Bride-to-Be

The rain stopped, the clouds parted, and the sunshine is finally here! And... what better timing? My sister, Christie, is getting married and last weekend was her bachelorette bash! A weekend in Napa with the sun on our faces... you know we were in vineyard paradise!

Here are some pictures of the festivities!

First thing's first...
Here were the invites for the weekend

I loved the index cards which laid out the weekend events...
how else was I supposed to fit all the info onto one invitation card?
Plus, then I didn't have to choose one patterend paper ;)

Let it begin!
We started out the weekend meeting at my Mama-in-Law's house before lunch.
She had a yummy spread of croissants, donuts, fruit, and juice.

Once we all met up, Christie tried on her georgous wedding gown on for us all.
What kind of MOH would I be to show you that?

The weekend took place in Napa at the Vino Bello Resort

And so has our stuff!

Luckily we had 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a full on kitchen and living room!

Makin' herself at home :)

The Queen on her "Queen Bed"
(sounds better than a King Bed)

Her queen tub...

and royal shower...

The powder room

The hallway that connected our rooms

Time to start the Lingerie Party...


Wine Glasses?

Fun Glasses?

Gifts to Shower the Bride?
(You're welcome, Nate :)  )

Deliciously Creative Cupcakes?
A Dozen Checks.

Decorative Flags?

Party Favors?

Flowers? Feather Boa? Bridal Veil?
Check. Check. and Check.

Beautiful Sister?

Flags made with my Cricut!

Yes, we hung some lingerie...
No, we won't tell you whose they are...

We (Katie, Jennifer, and I) set up the party while Christie and her girlfriends enjoyed some wine tasting in the lobby.

Here was her reaction to the decor!

It's time!

The flashing ring that didn't flash.

Sangrias in a Martini Glass?
Why not!

She wasn't double fisting! She was "holding" the drink for someone else!
But seriously... she just tasted it :)

Sisters one day

Sisters :)... and party hosts!

Opening the party favors

Dinner on the balcony

Lingerie Party Games...

This game was pretty fun! We had to partner up and draw a sassy number!
We all got a bit creative...

Talking about the game plan... thinking strategy...

Time's up! Let's see what we got...

Jennifer and Allie


Ruthie and Kayla


Sophia and Katie


It was a hard decision...

But Miss Sophia and Katie won...
Peacock Pride!

The next game was "Pass the Present" or "Hot Potato"
Whoever is holding the gift when the music stops has to wear the Teddy wrapped inside!
We had to clarify what a Teddy is...
Once we all understood... no one wanted to touch the gift!

Christie had it!

Not looking forward to the fashion show...

A Teddy :)

Putting it on as promised...

The final game was Lingerie/Honeymoon Charades!

Signature joke of the trip!
Her phrase was "Buck Naked"...
Deer? Antlers? What??

Phrase: Discovery
Here's Christie trying to act out the Discovery Channel...

Toast to the Bride!

Time for Dessert and Gifts!

To make this appropriate, I'm not revealing the bedtime wear
(You'll have to wait longer Nate!)

Door knob and card I made with my Cricut!
Love that machine ;)

We all slept well that night!

The next day we got up for some wine tasting!

Rubicon Estate
(sounds like a Transformer to me!)

The girls humored me and did a mini photo shoot!

Ruthie... look for her in the movies!

The Star of the Weekend,
Christie Elizabeth  

Sophia... She'll be looking for your vote one day!

Katie having some fun :)

Cousin Erin who enjoyed wine tasting before some big exams
(toughin' it out in nursing school!)

America's Next Top Model Pose

The Photographer...
Love that my dress has pockets!

Time for lunch and some beautiful flowers :)

One more winery...

It's not often that I take pictures of the bathroom...

"Thank You!"

Mani/Pedi? Yes, please!

A night on the town!
Walking to dinner...

"I see your truuue colors... shiiiining through!"
Happy about our nails :)

My dinner! Penne con Pollo with a chipotle sauce!

Complimentary Pink Shots!

Not so yummy...

Nail Twins!

On our way out...

Walking back to the car...

.... couldn't help but notice...

Couldn't help ourselves :)
Christie doin' what they do on the Discovery Channel ;)

Next day loungin' by the pool before check out.

Jennifer and I looking super relaxed... squinting even though our eyes are shut.

All in all it was a success!
We all left Christie's Bachelorette Weekend with some girl time, good laughs, and....
sun burns.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Allie! Looks like it was a blast, and I agree, Christie is one beautiful bride-to-be!