Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Young Boys Lately

Life is pretty busy lately... and honestly, I like it that way! However, I know that it's important to hit the pause button occasionally in order to enjoy life before it completely passes you by. This blog is wonderful for making me do exactly that! Enjoy where I am in my journey and reflect a bit :)

Two of the most important people in my life are my boys. I love them unconditionally and they bring me so much joy. God's most precious gifts!

Since coming back from Ethiopia, I've been enjoying my little man so much! He is growing by the minute and learning something new everyday! His little personality is starting to shine through... he makes his Daddy and me laugh every single day!

Here are some pictures of Ethan Mark and what he's been up to lately...

The "Ooooh!" face
Makes me laugh everytime!
He does this when something happens... if you turn something on, roll down his window in the car, press a button...

On sunny days, Ethan likes to chase bubbles!...

... and eat the bubble wand :)

This kid cracks me up!!!
Making faces on the sliding glass door.
Our windows are never, ever clean for more than 2 minutes these days!

He still loooves his car...

Ethan is in a sun glass phase. He likes to put them on and off and on and off...
then on you and off of you and on and off...
you get the idea.

Probably the funniest part is that my glasses almost fit his face!

He's in a pointing phase...

A "feed myself" phase...

A hat phase... simular to the on and off glasses phase...

And still... a "put everything in my mouth" or oral phase...

Once after a nap, I walked into his room after he had tossed everything out of his crib

He was quite pleased with himself :)

Relaxing in his crib

Ethan loves his peek-a-boo books from Grandma Wager...
he makes the "Oooh!" face when the noises go off!

Ethan likes to pretend he's sleeping sometimes. Maybe it's because we (Mommy and Daddy) like to pretend we're asleep so he'll wake us up. Check out the "Wake-up Daddy" video clip!

Our biggest, little boy loves his quad that Grandma Young gave him!

Ethan got his first "Goose Egg" bump on the head.
It was a doozy!

Nothing some love, popcicle, and Wiggles Video can't fix!

Our kiddo loves the park!


And then there's my husband. Seriously, the most wonderful man in the world! I am so grateful for him... he fills my heart with such love and appreciation! I know that I am blessed and I credit God for the love that we share and how amazing our marriage is! Mark is not perfect and neither am I (we'll be the first to tell you that!)... we have put in our time and have learned from our mistakes. It's true that "in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose." - Romans 8:28

I really feel like we are in such a good place because we are more focused on Jesus than we have ever been! There is much fruit in that! How sweet the fruit is...

When I came home from my missions trip to Ethiopia, Mark picked me up and brought me home.
He had spent the afternoon cleaning up the place, he vacuumed the house, and filled it with flowers.
What is it about flowers that makes me SO happy?
Roses and Tulips are 2 of my favorites!

These roses were some of the fullest and most beautiful I've ever had! They just kept blooming!

A single rose by my side of the bed.
This one lasted for weeks!

I am so grateful that Mark understands and supports my decisions to serve the Lord.
How many husbands would be encouraging of their wives who want to leave them and their 13-month-old child to go half way around the world for 9 days?
I truly believe God will bless him for his sacrificial love :)

Projects, Projects, Projects!
Mark is a busy man these days... always something to do, fix, or build around our home!
One of the latest is his work out center in our garage.
He purchased this structure on Craigslist for $100! and it came with the bench, weights, etc.

The fun and tacky foamy floor is supposed to be for playrooms, but works well as a gym floor too.
We know one thing... working out will be visually stimulating!!

Mark's little helper liked to taste his Daddy's tools

"Daddy, I'm not so sure about this work out stuff... I think a playroom would be more fun!"

While I was in Napa for his sister's bachelorette weekend, Mark dropped Ethan off at my parent's house (thank you Grandma and Grandpa Wager!) and worked on several projects in our backyard.
One of them being....
a vegetable garden!!!
If you knew how much I wanted a vegetable/fruit garden, you would know how much this means to me!!
I'm sooooo excited!!
Truly a labor of love... this is right up there with one of the most romantic things Mark has done for me.
He made it by himself and he did it all for me :)... while I was off having a fun weekend!
I told him I'd return the favor and try my best to grow something edible for him ;)

The wine barrels are another place for veggies, fruit, herbs, flowers, etc.

The back yard is finally coming together and Mark is thriving on his projects that help complete it!
It warms my heart to see him fulfilled in providing for his family in this way...
He recently told me that he loves landscaping and wouldn't mind exploring carpentry.

I told him... whatever helps you walk in the steps of Jesus! :)

I can't wait to post a blog on our yard once we finish up a few more projects! I've been taking pictures of each step along the way...

So, that's what my boys are up to lately :)


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