Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Palm Sunday!

A very happy Palm Sunday it was! So for all of you who are not familiar, this is the day that Jesus rode on a donkey through the town of Jerusalem and was praised as "Hosanna the Son of David!", "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!", "Hosanna in the highest!" (Matthew 21:9)... not more than a week later did the tables turn... but back to Palm Sunday/Today... it was a day of praise! People on the streets threw down their jackets/cloaks and waved palm tree branches in the air... all for the Prince!

Today, Mark and I took a leap of faith. We went to the 11 o'clock service. *gasp!* Ethan's nap has traditionally started between 10-11am and sleeps for a few hours. Today we thought we would try and keep him up and revisit the 11am (our favorite leisurely morning service)

Hallelujah! It. Was. Wonderful! Ethan didn't look back we dropped him off at the nursery (running toward all the other cuties and toys). Mark and I spent the next hour in praise, worship, and growth... so thankful!

Check out the sermons we've been following on Seeds - How it all began in Genesis and why we need a Saviour here.

For all you moms out there... you know that it is HARD to get out the door with a little one. We have been going to the 9:30am service for the past month or two because of Ethan's nap schedule. This means both Mark and I have to get up early and take turns getting ready so that we will all be there on time. Today was freeing! We got to take our time in the morning, Ethan had his 30 minute breathing treatment, breakfast, and none of us felt rushed at all! Praise God! Let's hope this continues!

More praises to come.......

Typically after a 9:30 service, the 3 of us would go home for E's nap. Today, we were able to go out to lunch (Yo Quierro Taco Bell!) and Sam's Club (Mark was curious). The boy did great!! He conked out on the way home sleeping from 2pm to 4 something pm. I'm likin' it!!!

In the mean time, Mark and I got to spend some time doing yard work together. I planted some tulips (I know, they're supposed to be planted in the fall.... oh well!) and he mowed the lawn and assembled some patio furniture and planter thingies for me :)

All to say... it was a wonderful Sunday!

Here are 3 pictures that make me smile. These were pictures of Ethan right after church got out... on our way to lunch. This guy was ready for more fun... no nap necessary :)

Peace be with you!
Sending toothy smiles you way!

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