Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Escape to Seascape... also, my Hubby the "2011 Maino Cup Winner"

Every year in July my Dad attends a golf conference at the Seascape Beach Resort in Monterey Bay... lucky for me, I have a husband who loves to play golf... and added bonus... likes to play golf with my Dad. This means... we get to tag along to the Sutter Gould Golf Conferences!

The first day we arrived, on Thursday, we went to the beach. Seascape is a super family friendly resort... there were lots of kids around (to Ethan's toothy smile/waving delight). One of the nicer offerings they have for their guests are golf cart rides to the beach. And with a little guy... we took them up on it!

Once we got to the beach, it was hard to get Ethan past the sand...
but who could blame him? Beaches have the biggest sand boxes!

Chasing birds with Daddy

Splashing around in freezing cold water!

Little foot prints :)

Digging with Dad

A nice landing spot for parachutes I guess...

Our boy was a snuggle bug in the spa... we were soakin' it up!!

Dinner out at Bittersweet Bistro

Watching the fish eat up watermelon slices

Back to our room in time for the sunset

The next two days, my dad and Mark went golfing.

Meanwhile, my mom and I lounged at the resort during Ethan's nap time, went to lunch at Gayles Bakery, and let our little guy go nuts at the playground, pool, etc.

So, my dad did actually attend a class/meeting and did actually get some units out of this "medical conference"... but did so in between 2 rounds of golf.

To make the conference more fun, the Doctors compete for the "Maino Cup"
(The Maino brothers are the founding Dr's of Sutter Gould)

Mark and I have attended this same conference for 3 years now (I think... maybe 4) and have watched as Dr. after Dr. received the title of Maino Cup Winner at the farewell dinner. They have other fun prizes too... lowest score, sorest loser, etc.

But this year... Mark took the cup home!
My Dad was a proud Father-in-law :)

Mark considered himself "lucky"... as he just played a month ago in Hilton Head and scored nothing close to his scores here...

Along with the cup, Mark won $125!

We immediately used $25 of his winnings for a sitter Monday night...

And that is why I can't get enough of my champ :)

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