Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Magical 4th of July Weekend

Mark and I have always loved Disney. I'm not sure if this is do to a wonderful childhood or simply because this is one area where we live out the "child at heart" and wear it on our sleeves! I've always told him that our kids are really gonna luck out because we love Disney and love to vacation there!

 Every now and then we both get this craving to visit Disney World. Now that we live back in California, we can get a quick fix at Disneyland... not as fun (in our opinion), but still a good time.

A few weekends ago Mark asked, "Wanna go to Disneyland?" and I said, "Let's go now!"

We didn't actually go that weekend, but decided on the weekend after... 4th of July weekend!
 *I love spontaneity!*

We weren't planning on taking Ethan until he was at least 2 years old... but magic got the best of us!
Here are the pics from our unexpected Disneyland trip!

Walking to the park! We stayed at the Anabella. It's clean, cheap, and possibly best of all, the Casita Suite only cost us $7 more for a separate room for the kiddo. Picture an oversized closet with a day bed (and our porta crib)... perfect! This made for restful naps and nights... I truly felt like this was a restful, fun vacation (thank you Jesus!)!

This is the face I got when I asked Ethan, "Smile for Mommy! Show me your teeth!"

The minute we got to the park, our "wild child" (as his Auntie Christina and I like to joke) took off running.
Open space!!

I hold no judgement toward the moms at the park who put "harnesses" (look like backpacks with straps and a leash) on their toddlers.

There he goes!

Crossing the bridge into Fantasyland!

Riding the horses or "oh-see"

Dancing with my boy while waiting in line.
A teachable moment... after 3 days at the park... Ethan learned to wait in line. He would walk. stop. walk. stop with the crowd. He also liked to wave "hi" to the kids and show off his dance moves... which look more like Ethan attempting to jump while waving his hands in the air (it was pretty hilarious!).


Small World

Jungle Cruise

A Bug's Life

Ahhhhh! The mister!

Surprisingly we enjoyed cooler weather in LA than we would have if we stayed back home.
Each day reached a high in the mid-80's

Ethan ran across the bouncy bridge...

Looked through some tunnels... he didn't want to crawl through because he was unsure of the netted parts...

Explored some caves

Walked on netted ground...

Went down the silly slide and then ran away from Mommy...

Held hands... a lot!
Of course this made our hearts explode with love!!
He even wanted to hold our hands while he was in the stroller... sweetest boy!

We took a spin on some angry ladybugs!

Ran around Toon Town

Drove a lot of cars...

"Bee! Bee!"
"Beep! Beep!"

We tried plenty of hats...

This one didn't stay on long!

And discovered slap bracelets...
(they're back in?!)

The balloon lady was nice to let E play with her balloon...

We also raided the Disney Store...
Pulling Woody's string...

Double Fisting the bears...
Ethan left a trail of toys where ever he went.

To our surprise, Ethan did really well sitting through our meals... maybe we're getting better at this?
Only once did we need to take turns eating...

The Rain Forrest Cafe

Ethan loved the elephants. He would lift his arm up and imitate their trunks while saying "Brrrr!"
He also loved the thunder storms that happened every 30min... the gorillas went nuts!

Ethan enjoying his biggest popsicle yet!

Happy Boy @ the Happiest Place on Earth

We met a pirate fortune teller... he didn't have much to say since we didn't give him any "gold"

Ethan caught some beads from the band!

He also kissed his first goat at the petting zoo
In addition to holding hands, he is getting to be a very good kisser :)
Anyone who spends enough time with him might be a victim!

And there you have it!
Ethan's first Disneyland trip and our Disney fix filled!!

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  1. Wow, you guys! Looks like another awesome trip!! Ethan cracks me up in some of these pictures!