Thursday, July 21, 2011


I just love the children's cartoon Veggietales. It's a christian DVD series and it gets Ethan dancing and his Dad and me laughing every time while we learn/are reminded of God's love though bible stories or stories they put together like "Lord of the Beans" or "Pistachio" (instead of Pinocchio)... clever and cute.

But that's actually not what I'm posting about... just thought it would make a cute title :)

Vegetables in our garden are growin'!!

Some of them look like they might be on steroids, but they are as organic as they come! It's a bit silly how giddy I get when I see something new growing in or have just harvested a new batch.

Here is a look at what we're cookin' up at the Young Household :)

Cherry Tomatoes
"Sweet 100"

Zucchini... I'm running out of things to make!
I've made zucchini bread, roasted zucchini (with the tomatoes, onions, etc.), sauteed zucchini...

My first harvest :)

Our cherry tomato plant is out of control!

Mint (contained in it's own pot)
Would you judge me if I told you I only wanted to grow it to make Mojitos?
Though you might ;)

The beginnings of our bell peppers...
we're expecting red, yellow, and green!

Cucumber... I'm going to leave it on the vine for a bit longer...

String Beans

Japanese Eggplant

Yellow Squash

Another over sized tomato plant...
I think this is what Mark was afraid of... veggies taking over our yard!
also, Italian Flat Leaf Parsley, Oregano, and Strawberries

One strawberry... I think the season is about done for us!
Cherry tomatoes

Beans, if you please :)

My gigantic veggies... they don't look like much until...

I use a pen to draw everything to scale!

Almost black blackberries

Okay, so it's not a vegetable, but it's a new addition to the yard. My topsy turvy tiered plant holder that originally held most of our strawberries was fried during the week we were in Hilton Head...
it's the only thing not hooked up to drip line (for obvious reasons)... thought it could use a face lift!

An amazing lady and equally fabulous neighbor, Kathleen, nursed several different types of seeds to plants. She had so many she asked if anyone wanted some.
To Mark's delight I said, "Sure!"

We ran out of garden beds and wine barrel space so I planted them in our lovely, rocky, El Dorado Hills ground. Yup, straight into the Earth. I used potting soil and plant food, Mark hooked 'em up to the drip line, and we have watched them grow quickly!

3 more tomato cages later and now we are expecting Black Heirloom tomatoes (black tomatoes?! awesome!), Fantastic tomatoes (slicer tomatoes), and more cherry tomatoes that I can't remember the specific name for... also, a Mexican pepper plant!

You can see the plants and cages against our fence...

And that's all!
Happy Harvesting!!
It's darn hot enough! :)

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