Monday, August 1, 2011

Thank God for Grandmas!

Ethan has been having a rough few weeks lately. He's been delayed in getting his teeth... his first few popped out around 11 months. This meant we had a very easy and pleasant experience with his infancy... well, we're making up for it now! The boy is turning into Jaws and it's hard work for everyone!

Lately, Ethan has experienced the typical teething symptoms and but just last weekend, he spiked a serious fever. Mark was living the care-free life with his brother, Jeremy. They escaped to Sand Mountain and had a boys weekend quadding. So... yours truly was left to deal with the sick kiddo...

Almost. Hence the title of the post. THANK YOU, GOD, FOR MY MOM! She was literally heaven sent as she helped me care for our little guy who was completely miserable. We gave him lots of luke warm baths to bring his temperature down, stayed out of the heat (unless he was up for the pool), and plenty of TLC.

Once Saturday rolled around, he was in high spirits once again. Teething is a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde roller coaster kind of a ride!

Grandma helping Ethan get his toes wet!
Most of these pictures were taken once E was feeling better... 

My parents bought this fountain for our wedding day :)

Grandma helping the super drooler while eating snacks

Shoving his fist into his mouth... impressive :)

Mmmm gold fish!

Watering the plants

One of the coolest things about going to Grandma and Grandpa Wager's (aside from the pool) is that they live in a park! 2 acres of land for Ethan to explore!

I was truly blessed to grow up here... and celebrate my wedding here too!

But! A house is just a house unless there is someone special living there to make it warm and welcoming.

I thank God everyday for my parents. For the sacrifices they made, the safe and loving home they provided, but most of all for keeping their marriage a priority and therefore, their family a priority.

39 years is a long time to be married... and they are enjoying the fruits of their faithfulness.
Now that's something to live up to!

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