Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Water Boy

It is pretty hot outside these days and Ethan is learning how to cool off!

One morning we went for a walk to the park. Once we got to the park, I let him out of his little push car to go down the slides. At that moment, the sprinklers went of.

The slides didn't have a chance.

Ethan took off running through the sprinklers... and I just gave in.
He was SO happy!

After he had drenched himself, we headed back home and I started to realize why the park was completely empty...

At home, our sprinklers we on too.
Oh the joy!

Here his is, round 2, sprinkler fun!

Wet face!

Mark and I have had an interesting time with Ethan anytime we go to a real pool because he wants to go underwater! He gets so excited when he submerges himself!
He will actually get upset if we try to keep him above water sometimes.

It's kinda cool... but really, kinda scary.

If you saw his kiddie pool video, you know Ethan likes to lay down in it.
We've learned he does the same thing in the bath tub... so we have to keep the water levels down.

Here's the little man in the tub...
notice the serious tan lines!!

So excited, he we went cross-eyed!

In quieter moments... Ethan watching some Veggietales (and vegging himself)

Story time with Daddy

That's all for now!
Hope you're staying cool too!!

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  1. He's quite a cutie! All of my kids were water bugs! Today all of my grandkids enjoyed swimming with their Daddy at my house.