Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Sweet {New} Sister

My brother, Ryan, and his girlfriend Louise have been together for years. 
Too many to count on one hand...
While we were still living in Boston, she joined the family :)

This is us... back in 2007... or was it 2008?

As of January 2013, she is now my sister!
Ryan proposed to Louise during her birthday party.

Isn't she beautiful?

Here are a few pics of the party...
Everyone was there...
even Gibson ;)

Louise's Mama in the kitchen
Bros and Sissys chattin' away
Ethan playing "twains" with Jacob
Handsome Man eating his veggies :)

Family, Friends, and Canine!

Ry popped the question after the piñata drop. Louise was the only one blindfolded... when she took off the blindfold, he was down on one knee.

She didn't even say yes, but instead ran and jumped on him!

Actions speak louder than words ;)

Welcome to the family, Louise!
I'm thrilled to have you as my "Sissy-law"... you are sweet, thoughtful, and loving.
You give the BEST BEAR HUGS ever and you make my brother so happy!

Congratulations to you two and Happy Birthday Louise!

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