Saturday, April 20, 2013

We {heart} Walt Disney World

For Ethan's 3rd Birthday, we surprised him with a trip to Disney World.
We all couldn't wait :)
On his birthday, February 8th, he got this WDW Countdown Calendar:

Everyday he got to take off a pair of Mickey ears as we neared D Day!
{Also helped with learning numbers, counting, days of the week... and of course... learning to anticipate and wait}

Ethan had his Bouncetown Birthday Party then the very next day we left for the airport!
This was the first time the 3 of us rode on an airplane alone... without any other family members.

We chose this hotel because every morning we could look outside and see wild animals in the backyard savanna. It's like being in the heart of Africa!

When we arrived, however, the sun had gone down. If we wanted, we could have used the night vision binoculars to see the zebras and warthogs...

Instead, we opted for dinner!

We got a rose upon arrival...

We ended up eating dinner at Jambo House...

This silly goose delighted in taking his shirt off in public... at the restaurant.
The more Mark said "No" the more encouraged Ethan was... like a game.

Mark did all the parenting on this one... I couldn't help but snap away at the cuteness.
Yes... sometimes his cuteness trumps his defiance.
This would be - as I like to call - a parenting fail on my part.

But like I said... it was Mark's turn ;)

He really does crack himself up!

Good morning zebra, giraffe, yak...  savanna animals!

First Park: Disney Hollywood Studio
First Party Foul: Skinned Knee {while running towards the gates of glory!}

(1) Special Powdered Donut Breakfast (2) Bus Ride to the Parks (3) Ouch! (4) Buying our Passes


It rain stormed that day... but we made up for it with popsicles :)
This was our wettest and hottest day.

That night we dined at T-REX in Downtown Disney.
It was the best restaurant for our 3-year-old boy!

They had an area where the kids could dig up dinosaur bones...

Here's Dr. Ethan, Paleontologist, uncovering prehistoric jewels!

The rest of the restaurant is like the Rainforest Cafe but with Dinosaurs instead of Rainforest Animals.

I ordered a cotton candy margarita... it was delish :)

We had annual passes to Disneyland in California, and we found it cheaper to upgrade our passes to the "Premier Passport Pass"

How appropriate to have a Passport Pass in Epcot where you can see the world in a day ;)

China with his 1/4th Chinese boy

Now this was funny...
Ethan begged to see Chip and Dale! This meant that we had to wait in line to meet them.
By the time it was our turn, Ethan became unusually shy.
Unusual if you know our Ethan.

It was so odd.

In one snapshot it looks like he's praying with them.
You can see C & D making an effort to warm up to him
I tried helping but he was already over it.

So different from Ethan 5 months ago in Hawaii with these same characters

More shy boy pictures



Mark and I have been to WDW together 3 times before.
Each time we've tried to get into Le Cellier Steakhouse in Epcot's Canada.
It's close to impossible to get a reservation...
Fourth time's a charm, apparently.
And this time, we got to bring our little mini me who loooves steak!


Safari Ride

Dancing in the streets...
Ethan wasn't diggin' it. 

Back to Epcot for more food and fun...

Dinner at Chefs de France... one of our favs :)
Ethan having fun playing footsie with Mama



Dole Whips all around!

Magic Carpet Ride

Pirates of the Caribbean Gift Shop Fun!
So many weapons... 

Beauty and the Beast Town and Castle

Last dinner

Cheers to a San Francisco Treat... and no, not Rice-a-roni.
Ghirardelli Sundaes!!

Several nights we came back to the hotel and watched a show in bed, popped popcorn, and snuggled. 
It took a while to adjust to Florida time but we were always up for the fireworks!

A collection of videos from my iPhone 

We look forward to our next Disney trips when Ethan is tall enough to ride Star Tours and other fun rides. We have 1-2 more inches to go, but until then... we'll enjoy every last minute of the stage Ethan is in now: sweet, cuddly, fun, excited, full of life, thrill seeking, Mommy and Daddy loving, goofy, precious, and all (little) boy.

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