Monday, September 12, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

This Labor Day Weekend, Mark went on a motorcycle trip with his Dad and brother, Jeremy. So... Ethan and I decided to share the weekend with my parents at their cabin in Arnold.

My favorite time to go to the cabin is in the summer. I love going to the lake, taking walks, making s'mores, eating BBQ dinners, walking around Murphy's and shopping/lunching... my parents bought the cabin from my Auntie Shirley and Uncle Joe (Dad's sister) back when I was in middle school, so my brother and I have been blessed to enjoy it for many years!

Now that Ethan is around, we can enjoy the cabin all over again through a new little life... nature lover and curious, adventurous toddler! Lots of fun!!

The first day my dad blessed "his girls" beyond measure. He watched Little E while my mom and I had a spa day! Oooooh I can't tell you how fabulous it was to be pampered and have girl time with my Mama. A true highlight of my summer :). We had 90 minute massages hour facials. It was as if I had died and gone to heaven... for 2.5 hours! Then we walked around, shopped, ate lunch... it was amazing! My mom said it makes up for all the rounds of golf my Dad and Hubby played ;)

Before we left for our girl time, my Dad had Ethan eating cereal out of a bowl. A first! I was so impressed!! Go Grandpa!

When we got back from our outing, Ethan was napping and so was my Dad :)
They wore each other out I guess :)

We headed to the park later that day...

My dad bought a Kayak this Spring and brought it to the lake to test it out.. also, he brought a toddler life vest for Ethan... so he got to test it out with his Grandson.

Doesn't this picture look like one of those paparazzi photos in a magazine?
100% candid...

Ethan wasn't so sure about the ride...

One trip around the lake was good... then Grandpa dropped him off :)

Back to the swings!

Warm memories here

Strong boy!

Back at the cabin, Ethan put on Grandma's boots

More time at the lake! The next day, we came back for some more fun... this time we met a little girl just days older than him. Her name is Sophia and she is SUCH a sweet, little, snuggler. When she first met Ethan she walked right up to him and gave him a BIG hug.

I tried to capture it on camera...

E backing away now...
"What is she doing?"

Parallel play

Splash time!

Water lover!... especially loves laying down in it! He squeals with joy :)

Lots of ducks... to E's delight!
"Quack, Quack!"

Footprints on my soul :)

Back at the cabin for a nap... waiting for "Um-Pa" to come up the stairs...

There he is!

Such a Grandpa's Boy!

Ethan loves playing with Grandma and Grandpa's truck!

After nap time, we went back to the lake/park to feed the ducks...

...except Ethan kept eating the food for the ducks...

My mom's best friend, Jackie, was at the lake... her family has a cabin near by too...

Mom and Jackie

Inevitably, Ethan got into the water... without his swim suit... I just rolled with it :)

Still splashing...

More swinging...

We changed Ethan out of his wet clothes (since his diaper exploded with lake water!!)... and I got him to wear a hat!
Pictures of the boy wearing a hat, absolutely necessary!

It came off of course!

Playground fun with Grandpa

Ethan's first rock wall climb... or carry...

On Labor Day we cleaned up, packed up, and headed to Murphy's for lunch before heading home... we ate at Fire Wood...

Ethan and Grandpa watching the motorcycles go bye-bye.

Family picture before the car ride home!

A fun, adventurous weekend makes for a nice, long nap. Perfect for a peaceful trip home!


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  1. Loved the photos. Especially the ones of your parents holding Ethan with huge smiles!! The best!!