Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Winding down Summer...

Don't blink! Summer is coming to an end... where did it go?

Here is a photo journal (do I do anything else?) of our last few weeks of August... check it out!

Ethan riding his quad in the back yard
He's having a lot of fun making truck/machine/engine noises these days...
"Grrrrum Grrum!"

Waving at our decapitated, armless statue...
better known as Nike

E looooves his big bear
($29.99 from Costco! Love a bargain!!)

Daddy does too!

Watching Veggietales

Mark's mom had a birthday (August 28th) so we took a day to do whatever she wanted. Her pick? RV browsing! Ethan couldn't be happier pretending to drive all the big cars!

Back to our house for dinner/cake/gifts!
Grandpa snuggles

Mom's gigantic cupcake!

Ethan liked to help unwrap Grandma's presents...

We've been doing some painting and furnishing of some empty rooms in our house (pics to come!)...
Ethan liked to help Daddy assemble the IKEA furniture with his special tools!

Helping Daddy "push" the drill

Our little dare devil up to no good! If we look away for 2 seconds, he's up climbing to the very top of this ladder!! You'd think he'd stop 2nd step to the top to at least have something to hold onto. Nope! It is surprising how great his balance is... but still... I don't trust him!

Another Creekside Endo Retreat!
July marks 2 years with our practice and our girls! Love them!!

One of the girls, Melissa, is a HUGE Giants fan so... we decided to go to SF for our 2nd Anniversary!

Before the game started (7:30pm), Mark and I got to explore the city on our own (thanks to Mom and Dad Young who took our sweet boy for the day!)

We. Had. A. Blast!
It was more like a trip down memory lane since we lived in the city for 2 years together and Mark was there for 3. We knew exactly where we wanted to eat lunch... and where to get it (free parking in Laurel Heights!)

Asqew is all about the grill!
Sometimes I still crave their Thai sauce... so yummy!

This is my handsome man... with an appetite!

Sometimes I would walk here from our place and browse...

They always have the most beautiful flowers at the local grocery store here...
Of course we never bought anything here since we were starving, newly married students...

I did buy some decorations here once... makes cents! (bad joke, I know!)

Bagels were a special treat!

And the Starbucks...
a note about that...
My Mama knew how to take care of her baby...
as poor married folk, she would send Starbucks gift cards my way... always!
She's too good to me!

Like the good 'ol days :)

This was weird. Mark and I kept saying that it felt like we lived there still... walking down memory lane is a trip! After lunch, we drove to the very first house we ever lived in together... awwwwe! :)
The Presidio...

I was beaming the whole ride there!

There she is!
1530 Pershing Dr. Apt A
A 2 bedroom townhouse with the best view we'll ever have!

Here's the front... notice how the door is open!

*side story*

While we were reminiscing, we drove by the house a little too much... so much, that the current attendant asked us "are you guys lost?"


I just decided to be honest
Me: "No... you know, we used to live in your apartment and we are just being extremely tacky! I hope you don't mind..." (flashing her my camera) "but I've been taking pictures because we have such wonderful memories living here"
Lady: "Oh... do you want to come in?"
Me: half way jumping out of the car... "YES!"

So she let me in (ooooh so surreal!) and snap pictures out the window... the one with the best view we'll ever have :) Here they are...

Too bad it was such a foggy day. I found some pics I took when we lived there of a sunset over the water...

Our first Christmas in the Town House!

First Valentines Day... a surprise from my hubby :)

First Halloween together...

So, you can see the memories we made!!

We said our goodbyes and headed down to the beach we used to walk down to... Baker Beach...

The bridge hidden by fog... oh the wonderful summer days of SF!

Love him!

And then we continued to be tacky tourists! As we made our way to the AT&T Park, we took a driving tour of the city...

Legion of Honor Museum
We rode our bikes here once...

Lombard Street... we did it! Our first time... strange, huh? Only when you move out of a city do you find it interesting to explore...

Out the back window...

Coit Tower
(you can see the sun came out!)

Transamerica Pyramid

China Town...
Mark asked me, "Allie, what does that say?"
He likes to quiz me on anything Asian since I'm Eurasian...
Usually I just give him a hard time back but this time I answered, "Lee's Market."
Show you!

Ready for the game!

The famous Garlic Fries Stand...

... and button hat lady...

Pre-game drinks @... uh... some sports bar...

Creekside Endo Staff

"Doc" (as the girls call him), Me, Melissa, Erin

With their +1's

So I know its 1, 2, 3 strikes your out at the old ball game...
here is a new twist to that...

Every time we go to a game, I have my standard junk food that I eat... here they are

1) Pretzel (salted) with mustard

2) Nachos with jalapenos

3) Churro!

As you can see, I don't mess around with the no-carb diets.

Mark and his Chowder Bowl

The #1 fan in the office and her hubby

Let the good times... er... fog, roll!!

So, we wrapped up the end of August with America's favorite summer sport!
Not bad... now we're ready for Fall :)

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