Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Last Fling Before the Ring"

My best friend in the whole wide world is getting married! I am so, so happy for her and after 11 years, can we all collectively say... "it's about time!" I tried getting them hitched in January (no joke!), but for whatever reason, they didn't like my plan. I guess a destination Cabo Wedding is a good Plan B.

For her bachelorette party, she picked Disneyland. Yes, she picked it... not me (although a good guess since I love Disney!)... great minds... :)

Here is a snapshot (or two, or three...) of our weekend.

Road Trip!
I am one of those people who love them.
I love listening to music, singing out loud, chatting, stopping for gas and therefore getting a treat in the snack shop, stopping for food, and of course... the anticipation of our final destination!

Christina's car was dressed up for the occasion.
Brand new car for a brand new chapter in her life...
"Last Fling Before the Ring"
Kinda catchy ;)

Lunch at Chipotle @ the Grapevine!

Once we arrived at the hotel, the bride and her friends sipped some fruity drinks at the bar while one of my favorite friends, Ashley, and I quickly got ready and headed to Fire + Ice to set up Christina's Lingerie Party.

I can't tell you how thankful I was for Ashley's help. Seriously, heaven sent!!

Christina's Fancy Seat

Congrats Christina flag banner I made with my cricut

Super cute and colorful flower bouquets my Mama made for the party...

Sorry it's blurry... but this give you an idea of the party space.
Loved the fire pit and wicker furniture!

Party Favors

Perfect set up... some like it hot! Tabasco sauce holder for her garter

Lingerie cookies... notice how some of them have a nice tan on 'em... not quite "sunburned".
Still tasty though ;)

The beautiful bride-to-be!

... and her girls!

Happy about my Lingerie Cookies :)

Now for the food!

... and gifts...
To keep a clean blog, I'll just show the reactions of the girls to the opened gifts...
besides, Marc's gotta wait for somethin' ;)

Another fun cricut creation

The girls getting their party favors

... and trying them on. Looks like it fits!

And of course I planned for fireworks!
Nothing but the best for my Christina!!!

Saturday: Day at the Park
Here is Christina getting ready for her day of fun!

I got this hat when our family went to Disneyland in July...
I was so excited for her to wear it!

Steps away from the Happiest Place...

It was truly a happy day...

Smiles and spins on the tea cups...

Happy Bride...

happy friends...

The not-so-happy part was.... can you guess... my camera's battery ran out.
I know you're not surprised by now...
Oh well.

I did manage to get a group shot of us on our way to dinner that night because Ashley charged my battery for me. Told you she was an angel :)

And there you have it!
Pretty magical stuff, this wedding business :)

Stay tuned for the future Mrs. Rubalcaba's bridal shower...
Oooooh, it's gonna be good!

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