Sunday, January 6, 2013

12.12.12 Wedding in Maui

Smack dab in the middle of Advent, we escaped dreary Northern California and retreated to Maui.

My cousin Nick was getting married!
So, well, of course we had to go!... and also, Ethan was the ring bearer.
The happy couple officially married on Wednesday, 12.12.12 then had a traditional ceremony and reception that Saturday the 15th.

We left on Wednesday and until Saturday... we found ways to keep ourselves busy...

Beach Play

(This blog post will be less text and more pics... it's getting late I guess!)

Pool Time
Condo Fun

 "Wake up, Gomma!"
Dinner in Lahaina
 Kimos by night
 Kimos by day (all for the Hula pie!)
Strolling the streets of Lahaina
Alas... the Wedding!
Just beautiful!!! (and windy)

 Beautiful Bride
 Happy Couple
 Luau and Fire Dancers
Dance, Dance Dance!

Packing up and headed out!

As we're packing up, Ethan discovered "Baby Jesus' manger" and proceeded to sing "Away in a manger no cwib for a bed..."

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