Saturday, January 5, 2013

Catch Me If You Can! Fall 2012

This is my attempt to get even. Even with the times! It's 2013 and I'm backing up to Fall of 2012. Don't want to miss a single event as I know that one day I will have Mommy guilt for not recording.

For example, this year Ethan called the pumpkin patch, "Puh-kin catch". 
See what I mean? 
I want to smile at that 20 years down the road and remember how cute he talked when he was 2!

So let's get to the good stuff! The good stuff being when the weather turned from scorching hot to pleasant. The colors changed and our neighborhood got festive. 

Fall 2012

Fall also means football!

Practice at the Park with Coach Daddy
Ethan wasn't super interested in tossing the old pig skin back and forth... but we gave it a shot.

Fall is also the perfect time to go to the park. We live in a young neighborhood with young families and young trees! Young trees = little shade! It is downright painful to go to the park during the summer. We all wait for the sun to set.

Not in the (late) Fall!

We can swing with the sun on our faces! :)

When Ethan turned 2 in February, he got a tricycle from his Aunties.
It took until October for his interest to catch.
How fun to watch his milestones!!

Dress up with one of Ethan's favorite friends, Emma :)

Apple Hill!
Living within 20 minutes of Placerville makes it easy to make the trip up the hill each Fall.

We've come along way from our first trip when E was 7 months old, to last year when he called it "Apple Ho", to this year...

A curious monkey he is!


Ethan has been especially intrigued with "scary things" this year.
It started with Franken Celery from Veggietales and now... he talks about "scary" a lot.

Not that he's actually scared every time he sparks a conversation about it... he just likes the topic and likes to identify when he sees a "scary bear" or "scary monster".

So naturally, he gravitated toward the scary bear trash can at the fudge factory!

We ventured out this year trying new apple orchards...

Walking/Hopping the "crooked mile"

High Five Mr. Bear

Ethan is a very blessed and very spoiled little grandson.
He got both his Grandmas to take him to the "puh-kin catch" this year.
He could run around all day at those farms!... and we let him!
Makes for a good nap ;)

This Halloween, the family dressed up!
Ethan was Peter Pan, Mark was Captain Hook, and I was Tiger Lily...
well, more like an Eskimo version of the Indian Princess, but hey... why spend money on an outfit when you already have something that could pass for the look you're going for?

Well regardless, Ethan said, "Mommy's Tiger Wiwy"... so that's that!

Both Grandparents came over to watch Ethan trick-or-treat and share a pot of Grandma Young's famous Beef Stew (that my mom made actually!)

Soup, salad, and bread is exactly what is needed after a chilly night trick-or-treating!

Ethan LOVED this Halloween.
He loved seeing all the kids out in the neighborhood.
He loved knocking on doors (the first few doors he walked right threw).
But I would say that equally, if not more, he loved handing out candy to the kids.
When the doorbell rang, he ran to the door, opened it, and said, "Hi kids!" and handed out candy.

The next day he wanted to do it all again!
We told him he can!... next year.

Now that he gets it, it'll be fun to see him anticipate the holiday events next year.

Fall is also for baking.

Thanks to pinterest, I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.
They were delicious, gooey, and a hit!

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