Sunday, January 6, 2013

Giving Thanks 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Unfortunately, thanks to Young Love Boutique, my photography has taken a back seat.
I keep forgetting to bring my camera to holiday parties so some iphone pictures will have to do!

We spent Thanksgiving Day with my family in Stockton.

The table decorations were all from my parent's yard!

We arrived early and left early (around 9:30pm) this year because I was on a mission.
A Black Friday mission.

Never before have I attempted to brave the crowd, but knowing that we could be getting a baby through foster care at... anytime!... and knowing that I only have boy clothes... AND knowing we won't be having a baby shower... I was all over the baby girl clothes sales!

Because really, who wants to pay full price?
I got some monsterous deals and saved more (sometimes 3x more) than what I spent.

However, this will not be happening again next year!

What will we do if we don't get a girl?
Return it (these stores are good for returns at anytime with receipts) or baby shower it.
And if you do get this as a shower gift... you're welcome. These outfits were too cute for me to pass up!

On Saturday, we had dinner with Mark's side of the family.
Here are some cute pics of the day
(I remembered my camera!)

Our newest niece, Trinity!

Cousin Spa Time!

Tackle Uncle Scotty!

And Auntie Jennifer!

She has an axe!

Uncle Scotty and Sister Sandwich

Auntie Jennifer Sandwich

Love their Grandma and Grandpa

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