Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas Day 2012

The popular ballad, "I'll Be Home For Christmas" rang true this year!
We spent our first Christmas morning in our own home this year.
In previous years we alternated spending them at our parent's, but now that Ethan is old enough to make memories, we thought it was the right year to make a switch.

Our tradition (in the making) started like this:
Ethan ran and jumped into our bed (this is nothing new)
We got up, walked downstairs together and made hot chocolate
Then we sang "Happy Birthday Jesus"and then took turns opening gifts.
Taking turns was a bit of a challenge for Ethan... but once he started opening some, he did just fine playing while he waited.
The only thing I forgot to do was make cupcakes for Jesus' birthday! Oh well... next year!

Bowling Set from Auntie Christina and Uncle Marc
Crocodile Dentist... makes him jump every time!
 Stalking time!
 My special surprise!
I've had my eye on these since we lived in Boston! :)
Finally some cookware I can use on the stove AND in the oven...

And, I broke them in by making our Christmas Breakfast with them...
 Christmas Eve and Christmas Dinner were poorly documented, sorry!
(like I said, thanks to my boutique... I'm distracted easily these days...)
If we didn't have Christmas morning at home, I probably would have forgot to document that too!

Here are a few snap shots of Christmas Dinner at the Young's!

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