Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Caramel Apples, Anyone?

Creekside Endodontics is at it again! October's marketing hand-out was decked out caramel apples. We've done chocolate dipped strawberries twice, a movie basket, Christmas cookies, a fun jellybelly bit, and now... apples!

I happen to come from and extremely creative family (not trying to brag... it's true!) and so when I started to plan my mission of creating 130 caramel apples, I called for back-up: Mom, Auntie JoJo, and Auntie Lori. They are amazing women and supportive beyond anything I could ask for! What was also helpful... intrigue. They've never done it before and curiosity kept interest...

It started with 130 Granny Smith Apples - nice and shiny... ready to get dirty!

Then we needed to put the sticks in... my mom got the genius idea to hammer them in!

Oh, and we unwrapped hundreds of caramels... yes, they all came individually wrapped. This is the cheapest way to buy caramel - Winco!!

We also reinvented the wheel and found that making our own mortar and pestle was the best way to make chopped nuts w/o creating too much peanut dust. This was after trying to pound it with a rolling pin, magic bullet, etc. They just don't sell chopped peanuts in large quantities!! Our house = serious hazard to those with peanut allergies!

We melted the caramel in the microwave first, added milk to make it a thinner consistency, then transferred the gooey goodness into a double boiler.
Let the dippin' begin!

Roll the caramel covered apple into the nuts or chocolate chips or whatever you want...

Pat it down!
Let it rest on wax paper
Put it in the fridge
Bag 'em up! (in the garage so it's cooler than the hot kitchen. Soft caramel = no good!)
Make 'em pretty!

This shows the difference in size of an apple with caramel and candy and one without.

And here is what the men were up to that day:

Mark and Dad installed a fan in our ceiling
Ethan explored the box it came in

Grandpa and Ethan played the piano
and Ethan tried to get into the caramels...

Thank you, thank you Mom and Aunties!
I love you and I cherish every opportunity we have to spend time together...
doubly grateful this time around ;) Couldn't have done it without you!


  1. Girl you are crazy but those things were amazing!!! You could start a business!