Wednesday, November 24, 2010

La-la-la Lollipop

My baby had his first hair cut! Grandma Wager came for moral support and as you'll see... he needed it!

But first, here are some before pictures...

Try to see past the busy body and take a look at his locks. Although it is distracting that he was exploring/made a mess in our pantry :)
As his father said, he was growing a tail
Fun with Grandma before we left
"Yeah! This is the best, Grandma!"
The hair was growing past his ears...
After being in denial for far too long, I finally took the boy for a trim at Lollipop Cuts in Granite Bay
Getting strapped into his sweet ride!
Feeling it out...
Proud Grandma and Ethan diggin' the steering wheel
Clap! Clap! Happy boy :)
"Wow, this wheel is great!"
Clapping along to Mommy and Grandma's serenade of "If You're Happy and You Know it"
Still clapping. Still happy...
Wait a minute...
"Get me out of here!"
All done! 

He's a new little man!

9 1/2 months old and another milestone... first hair cut!
He's getting so big, so fast!

Next... Baby's First Thanksgiving!

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  1. Loved it!! I just took one swipe off Bea's hair and now she has bangs! So happy she finally has enough hair to CUT! Happy Thanksgiving to all your family Allie!!