Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wedding Bells!

Wedding Bells!

I've got weddings on my mind! Two extremely important girls in my life are getting married... one is Mark's sister (and mine too!), Christie, who is getting married July 30th of 2011 in Sacramento and the other is my very best friend, Christina, who is getting married January 14th in Cabo San Lucas!

Both girls have given me the honor of being their Maid of Honor (well, matron if you want to be completely accurate...). Let the duties begin! :)


Christina has already started looking at wedding dresses. After a few outings in Sacramento, we went to the City to look at some more gowns...

***Note: "The Dress" is not pictured for either bride***
Here are some pictures of Christina as she journeys looking for "The One":

Her gorgeous engagement ring!

Having some fun while I wait in between dress changes :)

Beaded back...

Sweetheart neckline

Blushing Bride :)

Elizabeth (also a bridesmaid) met up with us for moral support

Looking at invitations

The view from our mystery Priceline hotel

Brunch @ Mel's Diner

Leaving the hotel and a fabulous weekend of dress shopping and... shopping!


Christie lives in Los Angeles but drove up for some wedding planning this weekend. One of her to-do's was to get me to David's Bridal to try on her bridesmaid dress and check out the colors... yes, colors! Each bridesmaid will wear a different color... check it out:

The organized bride and soon-to-be Mrs. Lantaff
She made it herself!
Her wedding theme: Simple Elegance
 Her wedding rainbow

 So many dresses!
 THE dress... in Guava :)
Close-up of the top... as Christie put it, the loose fabric, "needs a little nip and tuck"
Potential flower girl dresses...

Stay tuned for more wedding bliss...


  1. Just beautiful!! Congrads!

  2. You are a wonderful photographer Allie!! Loved the blog!!