Sunday, November 7, 2010

What About Ethan?

I've been posting a lot of fun things lately but none really about what Ethan has been up to recently.

I can't believe my baby is 9 months tomorrow! I spent as many days as he is alive dreaming about what he would be like and how our lives would change once we met him. It's crazy to think about how tiny he was when we first held him (6 lbs 14 oz) and now he's somewhere around 23 lbs... I find out his actual weight tomorrow at his 9 month doctor appointment.

Ethan is such a joy to his daddy and me. Just today he took two or three steps toward his daddy on his own and after he did, we both looked at each other and beamed! We know this means we will be chasing him around the house soon (and sooner than we'd like!), but it's a milestone and we had our mini celebration. Meanwhile Ethan crawled away and looked at us as if thinking, "my parents are so strange sometimes..."

Here are a few pictures of Ethan lately:

Mark and his little Pumpkin Head wearing matching fleeces

He's crawling around everywhere!

And chewing everything... super drool = teeth coming soon!

He's eating chunkier food... he's a very good eater (if you hadn't noticed!)

"Praise Jesus!"

The little stinker is climbing up stairs now...

He thinks it's great! He actually was sad when his daddy put up the gate as he crawled over to the stairs, pulled himself up on the gate and made sad little whimper noises.

We've discovered that sometimes the best toys are kitchen utensils and boxes!

One day Ethan woke up from his nap with "There's Something About Mary" hair. It was hilarious!! Mark and I couldn't stop laughing!

Ethan with Jen and Juli during one of our bible study nights

Getting into things...

Ethan cruising the furniture

We went to a Halloween Costume Party Play Date at Jen's House...
Here's Jen with some cuties
Emma looks a little uncomfortable...

Here's Jen's twin 'sis, Ashley, with her little boy, Tyler

He's absolutely perfect! :)

Some of the goodies

A little pumpkin!

Ethan saw their dog, Star, and decided to say hello

I believe this was the point where Ethan fell, smacked his face on the tile, and got his first bloody nose...

and first popsicle.

Poor baby :(

Ethan has taken interest in teeth (much to his father's delight).
Here he is examining what will soon be in his mouth

We're looking forward to the holidays with our little guy! We'll keep 'ya posted! ;)


  1. He truly is the MOST beautiful baby boy ever, and has the best parents!