Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's a Veggietales P-arrrrrr-ty!

Look who's 2!!

At 2 years old, Ethan is more partial to things than he was at 1. 
(like how I snuck a Frog Prince Party in there?... I mean really, he'll never choose it!)

And if there's one thing Ethan loves, it's Veggietales... more specifically, the Veggie movie 

"The Pirates That Don't Do Anything"

Since it's difficult to find anything Veggietales unless you're in a specialty or Christian store, I had to create a lot of things on my own.

To get ideas, I searched "Pirate Boy Birthday Party" on etsy.
Lots of cute things out there!!
{side note... I typed in "veggietales birthday party... nothin'.}

I loved the banners with red and white stripes. 
I saw a few banners that said "p-arrrrrr-ty!" Loved it.
Cupcake toppers... a must!

Hmmm... to the drawing board!

I purchased the software program Memory Mixer and I love it!! It was pretty reasonable... around $30. 
It reminds me of Microsoft Picture It (discontinued)... very user friendly :)

Everything I used to make the invites I already had lying around the house including the black card stock paper, ribbon/twine, and photo paper to print. 
*Hubby was very pleased*

Here is the invitation I created:
(I smudged any personal info...)

I used pictures from the Pirate Movie.
I wanted to try and keep the pirate theme very G rated (they are 2 after all!)
So.. I tried to keep skull and cross bones to a minimum.
You can see the pirate hat in the Veggie movie is a P with a silverware X.

This is something I want to do with all our kids for every birthday... incorporate giving into the party.
Kids get a pile of presents... I think it's important to think about others. Especially those who go without.
This year, we asked friends to bring some canned goods for the Twin Lakes Food Bank.
Of course it will always be a stretch for Mommy to create a clever "teachable" lesson that goes along with all the party themes in the future. Because it was "pirates" this time around, we promised they would "find the greatest treasure of all".

I had to make my own envelopes because the invitations were square.
I've tried to figure this out on my own before... the envelopes looked horrid.... so this time I looked it up on youtube. No point in reinventing the wheel!

Now for the party!

I ordered all VeggieTales stuff from including these posters:

We put a card table out to collect the canned goods with these 3 signs:

The following is Matthew 6:21 PIV (Pirate International Version ;)... told you it's a stretch! )

Lesson learned in the VeggieTales show "Lyle the Kindly Viking"

I made this banner with Memory Mixer too.
All the ribbon was from Michael's Crafts.

Posters everywhere!

Because Ethan has a February birthday, I'm always planning on the worst in regards to weather and therefore, am always thinking of things to do with kids indoors.
This year, considering the age group... we made a balloon pit!

We took all the furniture out of our dining room, blew up over a hundred balloons (well, my Dad and Mark did...), "boarded up" the room with streamers, and tried to hide it all with butcher paper (so Ethan wouldn't get into it ahead of time).

Here's what it looked like...

Garland and sign made with my cricut.

The pirates picture was from the cardboard box his pirate ship came in (Christmas present).
I knew his birthday would be this theme so I saved it and cut it out!


Favor bags

We lucked out.... again! 
2nd birthday party with lots of sunshine.
God is so good!!... knows how to bless our outdoorsy boy! :)

Grandma brought the bubble machine!

Ethan and buddy Ty-Ty had lots of fun playing catch...

Mark is in the process of putting up a pergola over Nike (statue).
Until that day... the brackets were great for holding balloons!

I found this pirate hat piñata at Target

Ashley showing us all how to throw a football...

"I caught it Daddy... see?"
- Ty to his Daddy
(Or at least this is what the picture says to me!)

Tyler was the first friend to arrive so he was the victim to my camera... he's too cute to resist snapping!

The snack spread

Unlike last year, I tried to buy everything pre-made...
So, veggies = store bought platter transferred onto my own platters (sneaky, sneaky!)

Blueberries... all I had to do was rinse and pour...

Costco bag of fish... poured into a clear vase

I made the food place cards out of leftover paper from the banners.
Each card referenced a VeggieTales show...

Another rinse and pour - grapes

Cupcake toppers made with the Memory Mixer.
My 2" hole puncher was one of my best investments for 2011... even if it was under $10 with coupon!

Here is the pirate ship Ethan got for Christmas and his #2 candle for his...

Birthday Cake!
I ordered this from Nugget Market... they've got skills! 

The cake below is where I got the inspiration from. 
I emailed them this pic and gave them the 3 veggie pirates to stick on top.
Pretty close!

We ordered pizza that was delivered = secrets to an easy, care-free party!
Plus, pizza is one of Ethan's favorites!
The food tag for this one said, "An Eye For a Pizza Pie"

Drinking green Naked juice... another favorite of his...

Bubbles, Bubbles...

Cute Ty...

... and More Bubbles with Grandpa!

Time to round up the kiddos for the balloon pit!

Butcher paper down...
Get on your mark, get set...




Balloon bed

Emma's balloon followed her to the kitchen...

Balloons clung to the walls

Scene of the crime...

Outdoor play

Ethan's newest buddy, Ollie... up to bat!

Love Emma's expression here :)

Ty's turn!

Birthday Boy...

We rotated in a "big kid", Scotty, hoping to make a dent...

Down it went!

What was inside? Play dough, Bouncy Balls, and Rings...

Time to sing Happy Birthday!
Ethan got to share a seat with his favorite buddy!

After we all sang, we clapped... but I didn't bring out the cake... Ethan started blowing at nothing. He clearly knows what's supposed to happen next...

Re-do! This time, he'll get to blow his candle out!

Ethan waiting patiently...

Emma sat with cousin Ty-Ty...

Making it right!

"Now I can get up!"


The hit of the party. Ethan's first foam swords from Grandma and Grandpa Young!
Ooooooh boy!

One for me, one for Daddy.

Grandma and Grandpa Wager got Ethan a double wagon.
It served as a boat for the party :)

I made cupcakes (chocolate and yellow) in case Red Velvet wasn't a favorite... 

The special card Auntie Lori made for Captain Ethan!

Ethan is still not very interested in opening gifts.
Good thing he had lots of helpers!! (no seriously... Christmas was like pulling teeth!)

"Efan" and "Awe-we"
Ethan and Ollie

Auntie JoJo got Ethan a trike!
Lots of fun ahead if this weather keeps up!

Family picture

Grandma and Grandpa Young

Grandma and Grandpa Wager

Ethan's cupcake!

Uncle Marc made a good point... he was downgraded from his smash cake last year.

Uncle Marc and Daddy trying to get some wheels on the "boat"

Ollie... soccer star!

What to do with all these balloons?

Uncle Marc knows! 
Dive in!!


Friends :)

I know it's cliche, but so true!
All Because Two People Fell In Love...
{first comes love, then comes marriage...}

Speaking of marriage... Uncle Kevin and Auntie Jocelyn are next!

Auntie JoJo

Auntie Lori

Fun, full party = much deserved nap!
Blowing kisses...

Naptime was perfect as it gave us time to hang out with friends and clean-up!
When Ethan woke up, he snuggled with Grandma and Grandpa Wager
{Grandma and Grandpa Young scooted off to cousin Andrew's birthday!}

Here is a fun video re-cap I made of E's party.

Playing with his new, fun toys days later!

Sweet kisses

The centerpiece I made from Costco flowers for the party.
The sticks started to bloom!!!

We left the balloon pit for several days so Ethan could play longer...
Here he is buried...

Such a good Daddy...

Ethan the Brave!

We made out good! Collected quite a bit of food...

Here is a video clip my mom took of Ethan the Brave battling hunger!
(Notice the sword in his left hand)

On Ethan's real birthday, Grandma Wager came out to spend the day with us.
While Daddy was at work we took a field trip to the Twin Lakes Food Bank to deliver the goods...

We had too much food and our bag broke (great problem!)
Here is Ethan transferring...

Aren't you going to help, Mommy?

After we wheeled the food over to the collection area, Ethan ran up and down the ramp... over and over.
I said, "Ethan, it's time to go..." and still, Ethan ran up and down the ramp.
This man who was collecting food said, "He's having too much fun, Mommy! Such a curious boy!"

True. True :)
If I wasn't chasing Ethan around, I would have loved to have chatted a while longer.
He was kind and humble... reflection of Jesus for sure!

We'll be back soon!!

Next we checked out the new Sacramento Children's Museum

Jumbo Light Bright

Grandma was the official ball retriever and ball assistant


Tube fun! Balls and handkerchiefs went flying once they were sucked in...

Water Boy

Painting the window...

After our museum fun we went back to the hills and drove though McDonalds to make our birthday boy happy! Chicken Nugget Happy Meal :)

We ate lunch at the new Sellands... more Mommy & Grandma's style...

All of us had a happy meal in the warm sunshine :)

When we got home, Ethan was ready for his nap.
Not without his prized possession, however.
{Good thing Grandma got him a foam sword!}

Ethan woke-up not too long before Daddy got home but just before Grandma left.

At home we ate dinner, sang Happy Birthday once again (he got to blow out another candle!), and watched a very special show... Oceans by Disney Nature.
Ethan loved seeing all the fish, eating "ka-corn" (popcorn), and sitting on Daddy's lap.

So that's it!
While I know Ethan had a lot of fun, I know all of this will sink in a little more on his 3rd birthday.
Until then, we are enjoying every second with our 2 year old boy!

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