Thursday, February 23, 2012

St. Patty's Day Fun

We're going green!
Well... kinda.

Saint Patrick's Day is coming up!

We have been watching lots of VeggieTales at our house. 
2 weeks of all 3 of us being sick = lots of TV shows.

A new favorite of Ethan's is "Sumo of the Opera"
He'll request it by saying, "Sumo Show? Eye-Yahh!"
The message of the show is to never give up... perseverance.

Just before the main show, however, they show a short story about Saint Patrick.
Who Saint Patrick is... what he did... why he's important...

One very cool lesson I learned is that he introduced God to the people of Ireland by using Shamrocks.
He said that God is like a shamrock, 3 persons in one...
God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
Great Metaphor! Great Visual! And I love visuals...

So I made this.
I already had everything I needed to make it 
{Yeay for free projects!}

The frame I originally bought for a bridal shower... reused it.
The scrapbook paper I already had (I've come to collect quite a bit over the years...)
I drew the shamrock free hand (don't stare at it for too long...)
Wrote everything out (instead of typing it) and tore the edges.

The plant arrangement came from our backyard... evergreens are about the only thing alive these days.
(What can I say, beggars can't be choosers... but it's green) 
so - it works!

I wrapped some twine around the bunch and stuck 'em in a vase.

And finally... the big expense... our brand spankin' new Shamrock Banner.

Dollar Tree is selling a pack of 12 foam shamrocks... big spender here bought 2 packs ;)
I hole punched the shamrocks, strung 'em up with ribbon I already had...
2 banners for $2.

Second banner across iron work

Shamrock Hunt... this is something I totally made up and you (as a non-2-year-old) can totally tell !
I used an old Huggies Wipe Container as our collection box.
Also, it's green :)

I found 2 clovers in the backyard and taped them to the front with packaging tape but backed 'em with white paper first.
(It's good for Ethan to see what it is he's looking for...)

Let the search begin!

The hunt was a success!
We counted 8 total!

Ethan liked watching me count each one and also liked saying "six" over and over.
Eh... we'll get there :)

Is anyone else "going green" or is it just me?
I am going stir crazy being house ridden and sick!
Could use a 4 leaf clover, myself ;)

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