Monday, July 9, 2012

Common' Baby Light My Fire

This June Mark and I celebrated 8 years of marriage!

Each year on our anniversary we try and follow with the traditional anniversary gifts

8 years = Bronze.


As in 3rd place?
A metal NOT on the periodic table?
Sounds too close to last year's Copper to me.

What to do?
What to get him?

We built our backyard over a year ago with the idea that we would build a fireplace on one of our concrete pads.

That hasn't happened yet.

In shopping with my best girl, Christina, we came up with the idea of a bronze portable fire pit.


The one I liked the best wasn't bronze, but it was a fire pit...

see how I drift so easily?

Anyway, Mark was happy with it and didn't mind the bronze part.

{Because really... it's a lame theme this year}

Here are some pictures of our first time using the pit.

Lighting our first fire with Uncle Ryan

Closing his eyes... "Careful! Careful Daddy!"

All we had were duraflames left over from camping.


We tried to roast marshmallows.
They either caught fire immediately or smoked out

Ethan didn't mind them straight out of the bag :)

E grew to love the fire pit.
But kept a safe distance :)

Happy 8 Years, Hottie.
Here's to 80 more!!
I love you :)

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