Thursday, July 5, 2012

Humbolt, Here We Come! Camping 2012

Another successful camping trip!
This year, two very important changes took place to the Annual Young Family Camping Trip:

1) We didn't go to Big Basin... we went to Humboldt instead
2) Mark and I rented a trailer!
(can I get an AMEN! Parents with small children... you feel me.)

 Here is our camping trip in a nutshell (or collage... same thing on my blog ;) ).


The Young Family




This year it was Humboldt Redwood National Park

No mosquitoes! {Ethan's Face got a break ;)}
Not busy at all
No pesky raccoons stealing our food
Clean bathrooms
Sinks to wash dishes in
Amazing visitors center... super kid friendly
Water stations that stayed on after twisting (makes it easier when washing hands!... it's the little things)

Logs falling out of the sky (Literally... and everyday!)
Cold showers (enough said)
No ice cream at the camp store
Not much to see for day trip outside camp (maybe we were out of the loop...)
No wild life except a few chipmunks (we left food out at night and it wasn't touched!)

Sure was pretty though!


June 2012


To make memories!!

Here are a few of my favorites...

Having fun!

Hannah walking the balance beam, Kids splashing in the stream, Uncle Scotty chasing Ethan through a Redwood Tree Trunk!, Andrew upside down through a Redwood Tree Trunk, revisiting Egyptian Rat Screw and other card games, Auntie Christie helping the kiddos climb trees!
Grandma and Grandpa Time!

Assuming the responsibility of protecting the fort.
Everyday there was a battle to be won... most everyone played voluntarily 
(Andrew enlisted the rest of us).

Auntie Christie is quite the balloon artist.
She made animals and... weapons for the kids.

{Disclaimer: I am all for boys being boys and... yup, that means pretend fighting with weapons. It may have happened sooner than I would have liked for Ethan (simply because he is not the oldest cousin and his 2 boy cuzzos - Andrew and Titus - fight second to breathing. It is in their blood. It is how God designed men... to protect, to provide, etc. Read the book Wild at Heart by John Eldridge. It's fantastic for understanding boys and men!) but none the less, I think it's great that Ethan loves pretending to be Peter Pan and wrestling his Daddy. That's all ;)}

In an attempt to defend himself, Mark used an untwisted balloon which resembled something more like a sausage.
My favorite quote was,
"Taste my cold steel processed meat!"

A Day Trip Outside Camp
(ie: the day Allie wears make-up!)

We headed into town (can't remember the name) to have lunch.
We ran across the cutest little white chapel.
Scott and Jennifer went church shopping ;)
Ethan was carried out upside down by Daddy.
It was great fun.
A day of exploring... take a hike!

And a few stray pictures I love!
Ethan and I went for stroller ride prayer walks.
I'll remember this memory for sure.
We would stroll around and around the camp praying for friends and family.
I would ask Ethan if he wanted to pray for _______ and he would say, "yes." So we would.
Every now and then he would say, "Mama, mama, mama... trees."
I think he was loving the Redwoods!... I took the opportunity to tell him,
"Yeah Buddy. Trees! Do you see how big and tall the trees are? God is BIGGER than that! He MADE the trees and everything else! God is bigger than anything we can see or imagine... and so is His love. He loves you more than Mommy and Daddy love you! His love is perfect!"

Ethan and Titus Camping Picture 2012
(Ty with the kill shot!)

E & T Camping 2011

E & T Camping 2010

Cousin Camping Picture 2012

Cousin Camping Picture 2011

Back home!

 Also, we gave our boy a special lollipop treat to reward him for being a rockstar roadtripper!

Mama went snap happy :)

And there you have it!

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