Monday, July 9, 2012

Family Drive-in Movie

Days before the 4th of July, Folsom had it's annual Rodeo.

The Rodeo is a big to-do around here... it starts with the cattle round-up/stampede down Historic Sutter Street. The next 3 days are Rodeo days... each show topped off with a cherry - fireworks!

We were just interested in the cherry.

Ethan and I drove down to where the Rodeo was, hoping to find a spot at the park to see the fireworks... but it was a Zoo down there.

Plan B was to wait for Daddy (to get home from moving Uncle Scotty in to Dental School!) and watch the fireworks at the top of the hill in our neck of the foothills.

Just before sunset we drove the truck up the hill and parked at the top facing Folsom.

We were positive we'd get a good show.

Knowing our audience, we packed some snacks and a movie while we waited for the fireworks to begin.

We watched Peter Pan (a family favorite) on the GPS screen and waited.

.... and waited.... and waited.

The moon was shining and so was the city...

As Peter Pan ended, in the far, far distance we could see flashes of light.
Couldn't hear a thing and it was a strain for our toddler to focus on a specific flashing light "way out there".

But, there were the fireworks.

Oh well.
It made for a great drive in movie night!

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